Teaming up on innovation

Teaming up on innovation

Safran counts on shared expertise to improve its innovation capabilities, between employees of course, but also with our suppliers, outside research labs and leading universities.

Continuous innovation

We have established a Scientific Council, comprising seven internationally known researchers, to bolster our position within the scientific community.

#3in France for patents filed in 2019
1,200+initial patent requests filed worldwide in 2019
40 000+  intellectual property titles

Safran's dedicated R&T center

The hub of the Group's innovation policy is Safran Tech, a world-class Research & Technology center. Safran Tech is tasked with pooling the expertise deployed across Safran and fostering the emergence of breakthrough and even disruptive technologies.

1.7billion euros invested in R&D in 2019
More than 300  experts

All types of innovation

The creativity of Safran's employees, whether for disruptive technologies or daily improvements, is spotlighted each year by the Safran Innovation Awards.

Employee-driven innovation is more than just a key to competitiveness: first and foremost, it's a state of mind and an integral part of Safran's culture. In 2019, Safran's employees submitted 143,000 improvement ideas that were implemented.

Safran has also set up a collaborative innovation initiative for suppliers, designed to further cement links with our partners while also guaranteeing mutual respect for intellectual property.

Open Collaborative

Safran emphasizes open innovation, reflecting our awareness of the importance of bringing together people from many different horizons. Safran therefore wishes to strengthen its role as a responsible driver of collaborative innovation by studying all proposed innovations. Come share an innovation experience by writing to

Our investment arm, Safran Corporate Ventures, is in permanent contact with the ecosystem of technology startups.

Committed to meeting tomorrow's challenges

Along with these initiatives, Safran is of course a major player in Europe's Clean Sky research program, designed to foster the emergence of disruptive technologies in the aviation sector. The overall aim is to improve the environmental performance of aircraft and their engines to make air transport greener than ever.

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