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Top talent wanted! To build the future and maintain our technological edge, we are constantly looking for talented new people to join our teams. In return, we provide comprehensive orientation and onboarding as well as continuous learning to help our people grow professionally.

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With more than 58 000 employees, Safran added 7,000 new employees in 2016, after welcoming more than 7,700 the previous year. From 2012 to 2016 Safran created a net total of over 9,000 new jobs, including 2.000 in France. Since 2011, more than 39,000 new employees have joined Safran. We strive to honor six commitments to our employees:

  • Recruitment: our goal is to employ the best talent. We also believe that diversity is a key success factor, which is why we select people solely on the basis of their skills and experience.
  • Training: we give employees the opportunity to develop their skills to meet our current and future needs.
  • Career management: we seek to empower everyone to perform to their potential and lead fulfilling careers at Safran. We do this by providing a variety of tools to help employees build their career in line with their goals and the Group's needs.
  • Mobility: this is a core corporate value, empowering employees to take advantage of a world of opportunities.
  • Environment: Safran pledges to provide a high-quality work environment to ensure the well-being of all employees as part of a broad commitment to the highest business ethics and environmental standards.
  • Culture: individual fulfillment is the prerequisite for collective success.

Orientation and onboarding


We provide a comprehensive onboarding program to help new hires quickly get up to speed:


  • Introduction to the team you'll be working with.
  • Tailored induction actions provided by your new company.
  • Interview at the end of your trial period.
  • For new management staff, we organize Safran Discovery Day to introduce new hires to Corporate Management and help them gain a deeper understanding of our markets, customers and strategic challenges.

This comprehensive induction program helps new arrivals better understand our culture and our values, and gives them ample opportunity for talking with both management and their peers.

Preparing today's students for tomorrow's careers

At Safran, we believe that facilitating knowledge sharing and enabling people to acquire new skills is essential to our business. Safran welcomed more than 6,000 interns, apprentices and student researchers in 2016. For Safran, it's essential to link the acquisition of new skills and transmission of knowledge. To support this approach, we have set up shared apprenticeship programs, allowing our apprentices to do part of their apprenticeship at one of our subcontractors. When these interns and students finish their programs, they will be priority canditates for any job openings.

And whether they choose to join R&D, production or support functions, all young hires are given ongoing training and taught to embrace our culture of excellence.

Connecting with tomorrow's talent

To sustain our innovative thinking, we must constantly attract new employees. We do this by working with leading engineering schools and universities to connect with students and attract new employees, especially through the France-based network of Safran ambassadors, all graduates of our academic partner institutes.

Their role is to attend student fairs and other events where they can meet students to promote Safran and the wide range of career opportunities it offers, and to help future graduates plan their careers. Safran ambassadors also contribute to the development strategy of our partner schools and universities through proposals to align programs with the Group's skills requirements.

Supporting student initiatives

To highlight the variety of career opportunities on offer to recent graduates and to university and high-school students, Safran is actively engaged in a range of initiatives with academia. These include:

  • Défi Aérospatial Etudiant (Student Aerospace Challenge), which invites university and engineering and business school students to design a suborbital spaceplane in collaboration with aerospace engineers.
  • Elles bougent ("Women on the Move"), an association that provides career guidance for female high-school and university students in technical and scientific areas and raises awareness among teaching staff of career opportunities in these industries.
  • Safran, a member of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships. In 2015 Safran signed a Europe-wide agreement on skills and career development, and joined the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA).

Building ties with schools and universities and helping students shape their career plans are key challenges for Safran. As part of this engagement, Safran has formed partnerships with 22 schools and universities in France, and 20 more in international markets.



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