Help us shape tomorrow's world

Design cleaner, more efficient aircraft engines, improve airport and flight safety, and make people's lives easier and safer. These are just some of the challenges facing Safran. When you join us, you are choosing to be at the heart of the innovation process needed to shape tomorrow's technologies.

A world of innovation

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA, and has always driven our success. If we are successful in the marketplace today, it's because of the advances in technology we've been pursuing for decades. That's why we invest substantially in R&D, including some 11 % of our consolidated revenues. Safran's new purpose-built Research & Technology Center was unveiled in 2014 in Paris-Saclay. It consolidates in a single state-of-the-art facility our corporate R&T and Innovation teams.

As part of our efforts to attract the best talent, we call on a large network of Safran ambassadors, all former students from our partner schools and universities. They connect with students and also make proposals to align educational programs with the Group's evolving skills requirements.

By joining Safran, you'll become an integral part of our culture of innovation and continuous improvement. You'll also benefit from regular training to constantly develop your knowledge and skills, thanks to specific programs developed and delivered by Safran University. Above all, you'll be actively involved in our employee-driven innovation process. At Safran, we believe that research is everyone's business! It's individual ideas that underpin our collective strength.


Safran, the future is now:

  • Nearly 11 % of revenues invested in R&D,
  • more than 21 % of employees involved in research,
  • a network of nearly 300 scientific experts driving Safran's innovation strategy.

Tackling today's challenges for a better future

Safran's people are addressing the tough issues facing the world today by developing innovative, sustainable solutions. 

To offset the depletion of natural resources and the environmental impact of air traffic, teams in our aerospace business are working on new technology to make aircraft "greener". Safran's involvement in the Clean Sky program to reduce noise and emissions from air transport illustrates this approach. As part of this commitment, we are developing new composite materials to reduce aircraft weight and therefore fuel consumption. Safran is also working on the next generation of aircraft electrical systems, as the traditional hydraulic and pneumatic systems are increasingly replaced by electrically-driven systems.







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