A fulfilling career path at Safran

Safran is a major international organization offering a rich variety of career opportunities. Lifelong learning, mobility, and even a complete change in direction are all part of our personalized approach to career management

Continuous learning and development

Maintaining excellence in the design and development of technologically advanced solutions means that we must constantly hone the skills of our already talented workforce. Safran University was created for our employees, as well as our customers and partners. It supports the Group's growth and transformation in line with evolving market needs. There are three primary goals of training:

  • Strengthen employee skills. We develop the specific skills required to sustain Safran's edge in its core markets,

    with a focus on developing cross-functional skills such as personal efficiency, foreign languages, etc.

  • Develop talent in professions that are key to Safran's growth. Training programs are defined in line with our strategic priorities.
  • Support management staff in their efforts to manage change aimed at bolstering our market leadership. They do this on the basis of a proven Leadership Model :
    • embark on a shared vision,
    • lead by example,
    • win as a team,
    • empower our people and
    • dare to innovate. 


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Training is provided at the Safran Campus, our primary facility for transmitting knowledge and a full-fledged hub of corporate culture and innovation, located near Paris. Employees can also attend training programs developed by Safran University at local sites worldwide.

Safran Campus, world-class training and learning facility

Inaugurated on September 3, 2014, the 13-hectare (32-acre) campus in Massy, near Paris, provides continuing training programs for employees and also hosts a range of events and seminars. Acting as a key unifying tool for Safran's corporate culture, Campus facilities include:

  • 480-seat auditorium
  • Safran University, which provides all the training resources needed by employees. It can handle up to 200 people per day.
  • hotel, offering excellent accommodations in 80 guest rooms.
  • Safran House, a 17th century edifice that hosts corporate events.


Safran University at a glance

  • 1,6 million hours of training provided worldwide
  • 77% of Safran employees take at least one training session
  • 4,3% of Safran's total payroll is invested in employee  training

Mobility, the cornerstone of dynamic career management.

With a presence in over 30 countries, Safran encompasses an extensive range of job categories in its core businesses. We have made mobility a pillar of our human resources policy. We pride ourselves on offering excellent career opportunities, encouraging employees to change their position, business sector, company and country regularly in order to build a broad-based career path. Mobility helps employees become more adpatable and open to new ideas, methods and ways of thinking, builds their skills, reinforces their engagement with the company, and enhances employability. We rely on a range of tools to support this policy:

  • in-house job forum
  • annual interviews and key career review interviews,
  • training programs available at Safran University.




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