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Supply Chain

Storage area

Within his framework, Supply Chain contributes to the delivery of the product to the customer by coordinating and planning :
• the needs of the customer, 
• flow for materials/parts from suppliers 
• production
Supply Chain manages or contributes to the control of the flow of information and physical flows in order to ensure the delivery of the product (or service) in accordance with customer commitments.    


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Nathalie Tallon
Production manager / Sagem 
"It's a very enriching job, but you have to realize that it demands a high degree of availability and meticulousness."

What is your job?
As a production manager, I make sure that the materials delivered to manufacture the products under my responsibility really meet our needs. I monitor production on a daily basis, including work-in-process and analysis of delays.

What do you like most about your work?
I get a lot of satisfaction from being able to deliver products to my customer on time. I also like the wide variety of activities I'm assigned, and working in a team. In fact, I'm the interface between different professions, and my role is to ensure better coordination of these activities so we can deliver a top-quality product.

What would be your advice to somebody who wanted to become a production manager?
It's a very enriching job, but you have to realize that it demands a high degree of availability and meticulousness. You have to be versatile, and like working with people. To be a good manager, you have to be dynamic and responsive, so you can make sure the customer is satisfied.

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