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Sales & Marketing

Discussion between two employees - Sector Sales / Marketing

In the context of the business strategy, you will define the product policy and set up the marketing action.

Within the society development, you will identify efficiently the client's needs. You will be liable of the contracts with consumers. You will be responsible for the clients' satisfaction and propose improvements if necessary.  

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First person

Alexandre Lang, market studies manager, civil aviation, Snecma

"Helping to shape Safran's development strategy is incredibly motivating!"

Could you briefly describe your job?

As head of market studies, I oversee eight market analysts. Together we produce strategic market studies, for the medium- and long-term, on behalf of Snecma and Safran. These include 20-year forecasts on market demand (new aircraft deliveries by segment, capacity, technology and region), the company's strategic positioning versus competitors, three to five year economic studies, assessments of market potential for new aircraft projects, etc. Our activities call on sophisticated modeling capabilities, and we provide regular reports on the commercial and business aviation markets to our internal customers.

What do you especially like about your job?

The diversity of subjects, our freedom and the feeling that we're doing a useful job. For example, we investigate the consequences of current events on our business: the Arab Spring, the tsunami in Japan, declining oil prices, etc. Our studies are vast, encompassing economic, political, societal, technological and other factors. It's all very exciting. Helping to shape Safran's development strategy is incredibly motivating, because even if my team is part of Snecma's Product and Market Strategy division, we also function as a center of expertise for all of Safran. I would also add that my team, a very diverse and very professional group, is one of the great advantages of this job.

How do you see the diversity of backgrounds and experiences at Safran?

Our studies cover the entire world, and we work a lot in international markets. We're in contact with a number of functions in the Group, including sales, programs, engineering, international affairs, support, marketing, corporate management, etc., at Snecma as well as other Group companies and Safran headquarters. Our team comprises a wide range of people with different profiles: experts in econometrics*, modeling and market analysis, for example. They were trained as engineers, in business or support functions, with a broad range of experiences and very impressive careers. I have a business background, and as an aviation fan since I was young, working for Safran is a source of endless satisfaction.


* Econometrics is designed to draw up and test economic models. 

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