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SAVI Nacelles in Xian, China, is a joint venture of Safran Nacelles  and XIAC (Xi'an Aircraft International Corporation), a subsidiary of AVIC group. 
SAVI manufactures and assembles components and engine nacelles. 

SAVI provides the components of the new aircraft nacelles C919 of the COMAC doors and thrust reversers for the A320 .

The aim of Quality and Continuous improvement is to:  Propose the Quality Policy in accordance with group requirements and the specific needs each group company. Ensure that the Quality Policy is implemented everywhere in the company. 

Monitor and ensure that products amd services that are delivered are conforming to applicable standards and regulations.

Ensure permanent focus on eliminating customer complaints and reducing cost of non quality in all departments of the company

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Didier Bihoues

Development QA manager / Snecma

Didier Bihoues, 34, is in charge of Quality Assurance in the cross-disciplinary design unit for the high-pressure compressor on the Silvercrest, Snecma's new business jet engine. 

How would you describe your job?

Quality plays a vital role in aerospace. My role is to define and coordinate the actions that enable our unit [which consolidates the many disciplines working on design] to meet its technical and industrial objectives, while maintaining maximum quality. My own scope of action is broad: I carry out risk analyses, ensure that the customer's specifications are expressed in requirements that are understandable and applicable, deploy problem-solving methodologies, etc. It's a real cross-functional profession, in which I work with all parts of our unit (program, design, production engineering, assembly, testing, etc.), as well as with my counterparts from other units. It also includes an international facet, since I carry out quality analyses for teams in charge of international tests, especially in the United States.


What do you like most about your job?

I like the overall vision of the development process, from the preliminary design all the way to the delivery of the first parts, not to mention monitoring the design process and analyzing problems that arise during testing. Day after day I can see the close links between quality, project management and technical aspects. I've always loved technology, and I chose Safran because of its high-tech stance, as well as its strong growth outlook and the many career development opportunities in its different companies.


What are your current development prospects?

After earning a degree from the ESTACA aeronautical and automotive engineering school, I started my career at PSA [Peugeot-Citroën], first in quality assurance, then in a more technical position. After eight years I moved to Snecma as design QA manager in the design department, then switched to my current job. The skills I learn in QA could help me take on management responsibilities, or move to a project management post in an engineering team. 

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