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Optics, Optronics

Optical control

In the context of optics and optronic system and equipment of the Group, you will define optic and mechanic designs that respond to system characteristics.  

You will define the components characteristics and design the electronics assemblies and subassemblies.

You will define the definition files and test plans. You wil create prototypes and tools, participate in the industrialization, and assist to the first step of production..

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First person

Charlotte Hoetzel

Optronics system engineer / Sagem
"At Safran, a woman clearly has her place in a world of engineers."

What is your job? 
I mainly work on helicopter sights. Within the division handling these systems, I'm in charge of the optronics architecture and designing the overall system, from acquiring the image to the sensor (camera) to the display. The design obviously depends on the expected performance and features. 

What do you especially like about your job? 
I like a lot of things, and I believe that's because of the multidisciplinary nature of the function. Optronics is at the crossroads between two distinct areas, since it involves both optical and electronic systems. Furthermore, an optronics engineer has to be in constant contact with team leaders from fields as varied as image processing, mechanics and servocontrols (needed to offset the platform's vibrations, especially for a helicopter), as well as electronics and software of course.

I'm also in frequent contact with production plants, to make sure that product development integrates production requirements as early as possible in the process. In other words, our design thinking is influenced by feedback from both production and operation. Within the company, the diversity of contacts is very enriching.

Thanks to the size of the company and the many different disciplines involved, our network of experts means that we can always find somebody to help us with a specific question. 

Since engineering is more of a man's world, is it easy for you to find your way? 
It's true that engineering is still rather dominated by men, but that's not at all a problem. Before joining Sagem, I worked in Germany at a company specialized in medical imaging. When I compare the two experiences, I can really say that at Safran, a woman clearly has her place in a world of engineers. 

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