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Industrial engineering

Industrial methods Service

In the context of the product development, you will ensure the link between the conception team and the manufacturing team.

In the development stage, you will create the "Manufacturing files", define and develop tools (tools, test bench…) needed for production.

You will assist manufacturing and optimize the production system…).

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First person

Industrial system architect: a strategic function for Safran 

Discover the testimony of Frédéric Bochu, Safran Vice President for industrial Engineering


Emmanuel Piton

Production engineering methods manager

"When I joined Safran, I discovered a whole world of innovation and outstanding technical skills." 


Could you briefly describe your career path?

I started in the auto industry, where I was in charge of engineering for production lines, in particular by applying the Lean method. Safran gave me a new career opportunity by naming me head of the production process for the power transmission on the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine for the Airbus A350 XWB. I then moved to my current position, as production engineering methods manager at Hispano-Suiza.  


What does your job entail?

Methods staff define, optimize and ensure the reliability of production resources and operations, in line with quality/cost/deadline requirements, from initial product design to end-of-life. It's a real multifaceted job! The technical side is obviously very important, because we have to understand all the assembly and machining technologies, so we can optimize them, and make sure they proceed smoothly. I really like working with the design teams, so we can analyze technical solutions and optimize our results.

I also greatly appreciate the human side of this job. We work with nearly all departments in the company, including the production shops, design offices, purchasing, quality, programs, etc. Nothing ever becomes routine!

International contacts in this job are also very enriching, whether with customers, suppliers or other Group entities. For example, we're currently in discussions with our plant in Poland to share best practices. 


How do you see Safran?

When I joined Safran, I discovered a whole world of innovation and outstanding technical skills. Right away, I was won over by the Group's meticulous approach. Furthermore, Safran offers a number of possibilities for career development. In the Methods section we welcome people from many different horizons, especially design departments. Working in our department allows people to expand their skills set and be qualified for a wide range of positions. And since I deal with so many different departments, I have a plethora of choices. What I really like about Safran is this great diversity. 



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