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Manufacture / assembly and repair

The LEAP® engine was developed by Safran Aircraft Engines and GE through their joint company, CFM International, to power the next generation of single-aisle commercial jets. Combining the best technologies from the two partners, LEAP offers operators exceptional performance while retaining the legendary reliability of the CFM56®. These capabilities have already made the engine a best seller, even before it has entered revenue service.

Within the scope of the company's production program, you are in charge of the production of subassemblies, final assembly or repairs, according to a manufacturing/assembly process, or after defining a specific repair process (based on a diagnosis of the problem), and using the appropriate tools, following all safety rules.

You guarantee compliance with deadlines and quality standards, and you must develop proposals to improve workshops, tools, etc.     

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First person

André Hans
Endoscopeur / Snecma 

"It's a fascinating job, with something new every day. Each inspection is different from the last one."

What is your job?
I'm a "test quality" technician, and mainly work on development engines. But as an expert in my field I may also be called on to support my colleagues on production engines. I inspect the inside of the engines, in inaccessible areas, using a rigid optical probe, or a flex-probe fitted with a camera.

What do you like most about your job?
It's a fascinating job, with something new every day. Each inspection is different from the last one, and you have to regularly find pathways – sometimes very complex – to be able to check out the condition of an inaccessible part, deep in the engine, and identify a problem. I really like the diversity. It's a sort of inquest, where both intuition and experience are very important, because you wind up by sensing where you have to go to find the problem, based on certain clues or symptoms.

I also like working in a team and the variety of contacts with all the people who call on us, whether design offices that want to assess wear on a part over time, the Safran technicians who are sent on-site to support customers, or the customers themselves.

Does your job entail a lot of travel?
I work on all types of engines, both commercial and military: the CFM56, the SaM146, for which I regularly travel to Rybinsk, in Russia, and also the TP400 for the Airbus A400M and the M88 that powers the Rafale… I also work on the M53 for the Mirage 2000; I even traveled very recently to the United Arab Emirates to train maintenance technicians working for the air force. When you like to see different countries and not get stuck in a routine, this is an ideal job!


Karine Soudan
Head of assembly/instrumentation – development 
"With Safran's new programs, the coming years will give us all the action we ever wanted!"

What is your job?
I'm in charge of assembly/instrumentation – development at Snecma's commercial engine division. We produce the very first examples of a new engine; in a sense, it's the bridge between the design office and production. 

What motivates you the most in your work?
Undoubtedly being able to participate in creating tomorrow' aircraft engines. All of our teams share this motivation, which springs from the fact that we give life to new engines and always have to carry out new tests, with constantly renewed challenges. From that standpoint, I'm reassured: with Safran's new programs, the coming years will give us all the action we ever wanted! 

Are you in contact with your international customers?  
Yes, of course, this job demands a high degree of availability. For instance, throughout the testing of the SaM146 engine powering Sukhoi's Superjet 100, our teams were frequently called to Russia, where the engine is assembled. Aviation is an international business par excellence. The major manufacturers, our partners and customers, are around the world, in Europe, Russia, China, North America, Brazil and more.


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