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Engineers work in a design office

In the context of project and business, you will analyze contracts and propositions, identify risks and propose negotiable alternatives with the client.

You will have the opportunity to step in the society fiscal plans. You will ensure the management, protection and extension of the intellectual capital of the Group.   

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First person

Killian Thuau
Jurist / Snecma

"Human relations, especially in international markets, are a major part of this job's richness."


What is your job?
As a so-called "generalist" in legal affairs at Snecma, my main role is to provide support to the people in the commercial engine division. Some of my daily tasks include writing and negotiating contracts, and dealing with litigation or pre-litigation procedures. 


What do you like most about your job?
It might seem surprising, but despite the growing number of legal constraints that demand rigorous analysis, you have to be creative in coming up with solutions, and explain them very clearly. Ideally, you have to propose a solution that is best for the company, and also satisfactory from the operational viewpoint. Human relations, especially in international markets, are a major part of this job's richness. .


Does Safran's international scope influence your tasks?
Of course. I have to be in contact with operating staff around the world. Corporate lawyers also call on local law specialists, who help us make decisions in countries where we operate. Furthermore, the growing internationalization of Safran's businesses and the increasing legal element in business mean that our role and scope of activity have expanded. 

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