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Finance and management

Management and Human Resources, Finance, Electrical & Power Safran, Safran Toulouse

You will work, manage and confirm accounting and fiscal results of the Society. You will be responsible for contractual obligations of flux management and funds forecasting.

You will assist people in charge of economical and financial plans, and you will participate in improvement actions. You will guarantee methods and databases used to develop business plans in accordance with the orientations and methods of the Group.  

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Francesca Merlo

Internal auditor / Safran 

Francesca Merlo, Italian by birth, graduated from ESCP Europe, with a major in finance. She joined Safran in 2012 as an internal auditor.

How would you describe your mission?

We carry out all internal audits for the Group, in France and abroad. Assignments are requested by corporate management and the Audit and Risk Management Committee of the Board of Directors, and last about three months. They concern all major aspects, including operations, programs, business units, HR and finance.

Our work is to help identify improvement paths, and not to stigmatize any failures we may see. We offer analytical skills and auditing techniques, plus an external viewpoint to help operating staff, at a remove from daily tasks and specific business concerns. After each assignment, we share our conclusions with the people involved, and propose an action plan, for which we monitor progress.

Who do you work with on a daily basis?

Teamwork is a basic principle: each assignment is carried out by a tandem of auditors and a supervisor, reporting to a corporate audit and internal control director. There are about 20 auditors in the department, all experienced and multidisciplinary. We are also in regular contact with corporate support functions concerning specific subjects.

And of course we work closely with the teams being audited. Their confidence, commitment and buy-in are all decisive factors in the success of our assignments, and also guarantee the quality of the results, which underpins our own satisfaction.

What type of skills are needed for this job?

The auditor's job is both tremendously exciting and very demanding. I would say there are three main characteristics: meticulousness, intellectual curiosity and adaptability.

In addition to auditing methods to be learned (a training  program is offered), an auditor has to combine the ability to listen with advanced analytical and problem-solving skills, while also showing strong relationship skills and the ability to be neutral.

What do you like most about your job?

Clearly, the diversity of assignments, and the opportunity to learn about the Group's different businesses and professions. I also like being able to work on such important subjects, meeting many different people on a daily basis, forming a professional network, the meticulousness I've learned, and the feeling of being part of Safran's transformation.

Auditors get an overall view of our Group, of our strategic challenges, organization, businesses, professions and processes. Most assignments require international coverage, and trips to our subsidiaries outside of France are an integral part of this job.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

All of this is a big part of the job's attractiveness and our integration within Safran. We embody its values and feel a sort of "special envoy" responsibility during our assigned missions.                                                     

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