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Technique de polarographie à goutte de mercure dans le laboratoire physico-chimie

In the context of research, you will be in charge of designing new components (new molls) and developing reaction diagrams and associated processes which permit the creation of syntheses for laboratories and industrialization with the objectives of quality, cost, and HSE respect.

You will define means of product synthesis and the security of supply chain. You will have to demonstrate chemical kinetics skills and expertise in chemical and process engineering.

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Hélène Blanchard

Chemical engineer / Herakles 
"Women are fully capable of reconciling the requirements of their professional and personal lives."


What is your job? 
I'm in charge of the materials formulation lab at the Le Bouchet Research Center, which designs new energetic materials. These materials are used in rocket engines for launchers, missiles and munitions, as well as for applications that require the generation of large volumes of gas, very quickly like in airbags, or for advanced applications such as fuel cells. 


What do you like most about your job? 
Research is really a job where you have to be passionate. You are constantly challenging your assumptions, developing hypotheses and testing them. It's especially exciting to come up with an idea, develop it, bring it to maturity and then see it become a reality. That's what applied research is all about: thinking, comparing your ideas to those of your colleagues, reading the literature on the subject in scientific reviews, and measuring yourself against other labs and against discoveries in fundamental research … but all the time staying in direct contact with the real world. 


How do you see the role of women in the company? 
I manage 17 persons in the lab, and a majority of the engineers are women. They have a very developed sense of organization. Women are fully capable of reconciling the requirements of their professional and personal lives. Furthermore, management by women is perhaps based a bit more on listening, which improves teamwork, and also helps unblock certain bottlenecks, while also providing a better atmosphere to say simply and directly what is working and what is not. I would like to give a bit of advice to young professionals: never hesitate to stay on the move, intellectually, professionally or geographically. That's what I did when I left Bordeaux for the Paris area, and when I moved from design and development to research. You can only enrich your capabilities by multiplying your experiences. And from this viewpoint, Safran is the ideal employer. 

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