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Our performance

Have a look at our key non-financial performance indicators, our non-financial ratings and our reference documents.

Safran 2023 digital integrated report

Our key non-financial performance indicators

hours of training per employee per year in 2023
75 %
of R&T investment focused on environmental efficiency
76 %
facilities with more than 50 employees carrying out at least one community initiative


Safran's key non-financial performance indicators

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Excellent results regarding our non-financial ratings


Safran's CSR ratings

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Several times a year, Safran takes part in surveys organized by various bodies and engages in discussion with non-financial ratings agencies. These set out to assess the performance of companies against environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. These discussions and surveys are extremely exacting and are designed to assess the relevance of the corporate strategy, the various initiatives that the company implements, and their results.


CDP is an international not-for-profit organization that conducts annual surveys for companies on climate change (CDP Climate Change), water resource management (CDP Water), and companies’ impact on forests (CDP Forests). In 2023, Safran improved its rating, going from "A-" in 2022 to "A" this year: out of over 20,000 companies scored, less than 2% achieved an "A".

Moody’s ESG (formerly Vigeo Eiris)

Moody's ESG (formerly Vigeo Eiris), a subsidiary of Moody's Corporation, uses environmental, societal engagement, business ethics, human rights, human resources, and governance criteria to determine CSR performance ratings for the companies it evaluates. The Group’s rating is 66/100, up 2 points compared to the previous rating.


MSCI ESG Research rates companies’ non-financial performance on a scale of AAA to CCC (AAA being the highest score one can achieve) based on exposure to ESG risks and the way in which they manage these risks. Since October 2022, Safran has been rated as A, which is above the average for companies in the aerospace & defense sector.


Sustainalytics is a non-financial rating agency that assesses companies’ ESG risk levels. The lowest rating corresponds to the best non-financial performance. Safran ranks third in the “A&D - Aeronautics & Defense” category with a score of 23.9 (average risk).


EcoVadis offers companies a platform for assessing the CSR performance of their suppliers. Safran completes this questionnaire at the request of its clients. The score is calculated based on 21 criteria in four major thematic areas: the environment, social issues, business ethics, and responsible sourcing. In 2022, Safran filled out this questionnaire for the first time and obtained an overall score of 56/100. This score places Safran 8 points above the average score for companies EcoVadis has evaluated in the aerospace & related equipment construction sector.