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Our one-stop online platform provides all the tools and information suppliers need for a seamless relationship with Safran.

Safran Purchasing department organization

Safran's Purchasing department has three units:

  • Group Purchasing: this central purchasing unit is responsible for purchasing and procurement strategy for all product families. It adapts purchasing policy to the specific requirements of Safran's different markets.
  • Safran Purchasing: this unit is in charge of indirect purchasing, as well as metallic and non-metallic materials for Safran companies. A Safran Purchasing buyer acts as contact for the purchase of goods or indirect services, but orders are issued in the name of the company concerned.
  • Entity Purchasing Department: production purchases are carried out by Group entities, which means that the contact for this type of purchase is a company buyer. 

Purchasing general terms and conditions (GTC)

Safran incorporates social and sustainable development aspects while ensuring fair contractual relations, especially with purchasing general terms and conditions (GTC) applied Group-wide. Purchasing GTC for other countries are available on request. 


Purchasing general terms and conditions (GTC) applicable under French law
The Supplier Requirements and Industrial Validation Process guidelines are also available on request from the Purchasing department in any Safran company.


Purchasing general terms and conditions (GTC) applicable for other countries

Supplier requirement guidelines

Safran's supplier requirements, summarized in a single set of guidelines dubbed SAFe ("Safran exigences", French for requirements), comprises the following:

  • The list of Safran requirements applicable to suppliers contributing to the manufacture of a Group product (Group procedure GRP-0087).
  • Suppliers Guide (GRM-0123)
  • Chart showing compliance with Safran requirements (GRF-0033).

These guidelines are applied differently, depending on the maturity of each supplier and the type of good or service delivered. 

Suppliers Helpdesk

This service is the only point of contact for accounts payable to be used by our suppliers.

Safran makes this platform available in order to respond to your various requests and deal with billing incidents.

Please use the attachments to discover more about the suppliers helpdesk and help you on your first connection

Safran has changed the names of its companies and its visual identity to bolster its position as a global leader in its sectors and accelerate its development in France and international markets. Effective May 19, 2016, all company names now include the Safran brand name plus a description of their business. 


Kbis for Group entities: 


Documents for supplier billing

The mailing addresses for sending invoices to Safran Aircraft Engines have been changed. Please find below the letter from Thierry Haud, Director of Safran Purchasing, explaining these changes:

For more information, please contact your buyer.


It is necessary for Safran to collect certain information about you including personal data in order to comply with applicable export control laws and regulations.

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