Supplier relations

The quality of our relations with suppliers is one of the keys to our long-term performance. Safran’s purchasing policy is based on some 13,000 suppliers, from small and medium-size enterprises (SME) to major multinationals.


Relations between Safran and our suppliers are established in accordance with our core values, Code of Ethics and regulatory requirements. These relations are anchored in a culture of continuous improvement based on best practices, which are set down in the Responsible Supplier Relations Code of Conduct. 

Safran's commitments to its suppliers include the following:

  • Foster a balanced, long-term relationship between Group entities and their suppliers.
  • Bolster partnerships, especially with our "First Circle" suppliers.
  • Manage the risks of reciprocal dependency.
  • Choose suppliers by evaluating total purchasing costs.
  • Provide detailed information on our needs and objectives, especially in terms of R&T and innovation.
  • Integrate environmental and societal impact.
  • Contribute to supplier development by providing support for financial, international business, innovation…

Safran incorporates all of these facets, while overseeing fair contractual relations, especially by applying the same general terms & conditions for purchasing across the entire Group. 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Safran integrates CSR in a Responsible Purchasing Code of Conduct, and in SAFe requirement guidelines applied Group-wide.

Within the scope of our CSR policy, Safran expects suppliers and contractors to support us over the long haul, as part of a relationship based on mutual trust. Our aim is to share our CSR commitments with suppliers and contractors, and involve them in our sustainable development initiatives. 


A strengthened alert system

The purpose of the Safran ethical alert is to provide a secure, confidential and, if necessary, anonymous way for you to report situations or behaviors that could potentially contravene the principles of the Ethical Guidelines. It is available not only to Safran staff, but also to customers and suppliers.

Safran has provided its staff, temporary employees and external staff with a dedicated, multilingual email address: This address should be used in good faith to raise any concerns relating to any contravention of the principles of the Group's Ethical Guidelines.

Safran and SMEs

Safran makes about half of its purchases in France, and two-thirds of these purchases are with small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). We have signed several agreements confirming this relationship of mutual trust:

  • In 2010, Safran joined the association Pacte PME ("SME Pact") and signed the Responsible Supplier Relations Code of Conduct promoted by the French National Council of Purchasing and Business Mediation.
  • In February 2019, Safran signed an agreement with the French Ministry of Defense to support the growth of its SME suppliers in this sector for a pertiod of three years.
  • The label committee decided unanimously to maintain for Safran the "Responsible supplier relations initiative" in 2019 for France (except new companies)
  • At the end of 2015, Safran signed an agreement with the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Technology concerning the Alliance for Open Innovation, designed to foster the development of responsible relations with the startup ecosystem.

In 2010, Safran established the position of SME correspondent/internal mediator, tasked with ensuring the conditions for a constructive dialog between the SME and its customer, Safran, to find solutions with positive outcomes for both parties.

To contact Safran's SME correspondent/internal mediator, please write to:

It is necessary for Safran to collect certain information about you including personal data in order to comply with applicable export control laws and regulations.

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