Safran’s purchasing policy

Safran purchasing department: operation and commitments

Four main thrusts

Safran's purchasing policy has four main thrusts:

  • Develop a group of suppliers capable of meeting Safran's current and future needs, and incorporating CSR aspects.
  • Foster suppliers' involvement early in Safran's development programs, to ensure that Safran can meet all customer requirements.
  • Promote procedures, and measurement and management tools shared by all Safran companies.
  • Provide special support to key suppliers ("First Circle").


Safran's purchasing policy is deployed in compliance with:

  • Safran's Code of Ethics and best practices listed in the Business Mediation Charter.
  • Safran's commitments to public authorities, trade associations and other partners.

It is based on:

  • Ongoing collaboration between Safran companies and the corporate "purchasing culture" and network.
  • Closely coordinated actions by all Safran staff and entities working with suppliers.
  • The Purchasing department's involvement throughout our products' life cycles.
  • A centralized organization and a network of buyers at all Group companies. 




Olivier Horaist, Vice president Industrial and Purchasing Safran

"Safran expects its suppliers to step up to the plate so we can better meet customers' expectations, by proposing innovative solutions that drive a continuous improvement in competitiveness.

We establish solid relations of mutual trust to support our suppliers' efforts, and also provide the resources needed to achieve industrial excellence and enhance their performance on a sustainable basis.

Along with our partners in industry, and a network of innovative small businesses and startups, Safran constantly seeks solutions that will make our supply chain even more robust, and help us shape tomorrow's aerospace industry."

Olivier Horaist, Safran Executive Vice President, Production and Purchasing
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