Space Optics

Highly aspheric mirror shape installed on Gaia satellite. High precision and coated with a reflecting optical treatment, they are designal to determine the distances, movments and magnitudes.


Safran designs, develops, manufactures and integrates a complete range of high-performance optics and high-precision opto-mechanical equipment for satellites, large telescopes and high-energy lasers. Thus, throught its company Safran Reosc, Safran is n°1 worldwide in high-performance space optics.


In particular, we make advanced mirrors for leading astronomy programs, throught our company Safran Reosc (a Safran Electronics and Defense Company), the world leader in space optics that celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2017.

Safran, a major player in the largest telescope in the world

Inspection of the first prototype segment of the first E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) prototype segment, on its active-control substrate, at Safran Electronics & Defense’s Saint Pierre du Perray workshop.

Safran signed contracts with ESO (European Southern Observatory) to polish, mount and test all segments in the M1, M2, M3 and M4 mirrors of the ELT (Extremely Large Telescope) - the largest telescope in the world when it gathers "first light" in 2024 in Chili.

Safran Reosc also makes the mirrors of the Apollon giant laser and polishes the two primary mirrors in silicon carbide of the European satellite Gaia, which was launched into orbit in 2013 and has pinpointed over a billion stars in our galaxy.


Safran Electronics & Defense : world leading supplier of products and services for electro-optical (optronic), avionics and electronics equipment in the civil and military markets, as well as critical software.

Safran REOSC : world leader in high-performance optics for satellites, large telescopes, high-energy lasers and the semiconductor industry.

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