One of Safran’s primary goals is to make life safer and easier for everybody. To meet this goal, we offer identity management, identification, and hazardous substance detection systems, along with the management of digital identity and smart transactions.

Boarding a plane, crossing a border, attending a public event, making an online purchase… in a world that is more mobile and digital than ever, security has never been so vital.

Applications invented by Safran meet the security needs of people, businesses and nations. Here are just a couple of the most innovative solutions:

  • Morpho 3D Face Reader™: a facial recognition terminal, operating instantaneously and reliably for quick, contactless access control.
  • Morpho IAD™: a terminal that simultaneously captures images of a person's irises and face. An excellent solution for border checks, passenger controls in airports, and the surveillance of high-value sites.

Safran is the world leader in multibiometric identification technologies and a major player in explosive detection systems, smart cards and road safety devices.

Aadhaar: biometric technology driving an economic and social revolution

Aadhaar, the program launched by India in 2010 to assign a unique identification number to each resident of the country, includes one of the world's largest biometric database program. Safran is the only manufacturer contributing to each aspect of this unprecedented project: database, supply of biometric sensors, and enrolment. The program will cover more than one billion individuals.


Today, each person with an Aadhaar number can directly receive government payments, get a phone line, open a bank account... Placing your money in a bank account means you can control your future, by opening a safe savings account, receiving a loan, sending your children to school and buying school supplies, for instance. 


A large-scale biometric project that will revolutionize life in India, Aadhaar directly involves some 17% of the world's population.

Safran has delivered over 2.8 billion ID documents to date