Digital identity and smart transactions

Near Field Communication (NFC) is one of the hot topics in the mobile world, with 284 million NFC capable handset shipped in 2013, enabling new commercial solutions to make everyday life more exciting, more convenient and simpler.

Access a service, pay for a purchase or a subscription, transfer money… e-transactions are now part of daily life and will become even more widespread. Safran, the world leader in digital identity solutions and smart transactions, ensures electronic security, confidentiality and reliability. These applications are mainly used in three markets: banking, telecommunications and business in general.

Safran offers operating systems (data encryption, e-signature) that can be embedded in smart cards, to cover the identification and authentication requirements for people making electronic transactions. These systems provide logical access control and content protection to defend against the increasing number of attacks against online services. They can be used on both wired and wireless networks. Safran produces not only the systems, but also the smart cards: an average of 2 million a day, and 800 million cards every year

800 million cards produced every year

SIMply One helps mobile operators to optimize their supply chain: the all-in-one card combines 2FF, 3FF and 4FF plug-ins into one single card.
Today there is a significant logistics and forecasting challenge for mobile operators caused by the diversity of handset requirements and SIM card form factors. Now, thanks to Morpho’s SIMply One card, there is no need to forecast and hold separate stocks of 2FF, 3FF and 4FF cards, as all of these different sizes are manufactured in such a clever way that they all nest together inside the SIMply One card.

Safran is also the preferred partner to banks, everywhere in the world. Ever since advising major payment schemes in the creation of the EMV framework specifications (Europay MasterCard Visa – the international standard for bank smart cards), Safran has offered a wide range of innovative products, ranging from classic chip card technologies, cutting-edge mobile payment and TSM services to innovative online payment security, to customers eID management and leading biometric authentication for safer payments.

Working closely with telecom operators from around the world, Safran has developed innovative integrated solutions for SIM cards. These new functions are adapted to all devices: smartphones, mobile phones, tablets. Safran makes technologies for the mobile industry simple and easy to deploy, and that are perfectly suited to emerging applications, such as Subscription Management, M2M and the Internet of Things, as well as more traditional solutions for B2B use with consumer mobile devices, including contactless technologies and SIM cards for use with all network and handset technologies.


Safran Identity & Security: the world leader in digital ID management solutions and secure online transactions. Safran deploys innovative technologies, such as strong software authentication platforms, smart cards and tokens, to support a wide range of operations in total security.

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