Civil identification

Système d’identification biométrique automatique (AFIS) MorphoBIS

Distinguish individuals, recognize a person's unique identity and prove it, make sure it's secure and manage it… All of these operations are prime concerns of governments and other authorities in charge of managing rights and delivering aid and services to citizens. Safran offers complete identity management systems to address these needs, including data registration services; identity verification and management solutions; production and personalization of secure ID documents; systems that facilitate access to online services.

Safran is the world leader in automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS), and is developing reliable biometric solutions for identity management. These solutions will first support the creation and management of databases such as public registries. Subsequently, they will be used to print secure documents, including voter cards, ID cards, Healthcare system cards, driver licenses, passports and visas.

Reliable solutions for identity management

Safran Identity & Security est implanté depuis 2008 en Albanie, à Tirana afin de gérer l’ensemble du processus de production de passeports et de cartes d’identité biométriques hautement sécurisés (enrôlement, personnalisation, émission et délivrance). Plus de 2,6 millions de passeports et 3,2 millions de cartes d’identité électroniques ont déjà été délivrés.

Safran has developed a very innovative solution, namely 3D Photo ID™, a technology that gives ID documents an unprecedented degree of security. It's based on a stereoscopic process that enables the 3D display of the document holder's face, making it impossible to replace or falsify the photo.

Based on reliable, mobile and secure management of digital identities, Safran is also developing systems that facilitate secure online access to public and private services.

One of Safran's flagship civil identification programs is the Aadhaar program in India. Chosen in 2010 by the Indian government, Safran helps assign each resident of the country (on a voluntary basis) a unique 12-digit ID number, guaranteed by multibiometric information on the cardholder (10 fingerprints, two irises and a photo of the face). Safran is one of the few companies in the world with the ability to create a multibiometric database for more than a billion people.


Safran Identity & Security: Safran is the world leader in identity management systems and the production of secure ID documents. It offers a range of products and solutions tailored to the needs of governments, agencies and administrations in charge of protecting citizens' rights and identity.

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