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Safran announces the implementation of an international employee shareholding plan "Safran Sharing 2020"

Paris, March 11, 2020

The Safran Sharing 2020 employee shareholding plan is offered to more than 87,000 Group employees in 16 countries. It aims to associate employees more closely with the objectives, successes and performances of Safran. It also strengthens the integration of employees who joined the Group with the acquisition of the ex-Zodiac Aerospace in 2018.

Safran ranked fourth best employer in France by Capital

Employees have their say

Last fall, the Statista Institute asked 20,000 employees across France to anonymously take an online survey to measure how satisfied they are with their employers. To gain the most comprehensive insight possible, questions covered criteria as wide-ranging as working conditions, career prospects, training opportunities, work-life balance and gender equality. Respondents were also invited to list the employers they would recommend to their friends from a list of 2,100 companies with over 500 employees.

Safran’s target : « Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing » label

Safran has made several commitments aimed at supporting its suppliers' development that have bear fruit : the renewal of its "Responsible Supplier Relations*" label, that represents a genuine means of leveraging transformation in the Group, and has enabled Safran to improve its relationships with suppliers, and particularly with its small and medium-sized partners.

Finance Safran

H1 2020 earnings

H1 2020 earnings

Finance Safran

Annual general meeting

Annual general meeting                   

Excellent 2019 performance

Paris, February 27, 2020


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