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Paris Air Show 2019: flying display program for June 22

12h10 – 12h16 : Russian Helicopters ANSAT

12h22 – 12h32 : Stolp SA3000 Starduster

12h34 – 12h41 : Swift S1

12h42 – 12h55 : Airbus Helicopter Tigre + NH Industries NH90 Caiman

12h56 – 13h06 : Beech F33 Bonanza

13h07 – 13h12 : Pipistrel 167 Alpha Electro

13h13 – 13h21 : Caiman Airbus Helicopters Tigre

13h22 – 13h29 : NH Industries NH90 Caiman

13h30– 13h36 : Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon

13h37 – 13h43 : Hawker Hurricane

Winners of the Jean-Louis Gerondeau-Safran Prize hosted at the Paris Air Show

In the relaxed setting of the Safran hospitality chalet, Stéphane Cueille, Senior Executive Vice President R&T and Innovation, and Jacques Tamisier, Vice President of the École Polytechnique Foundation, hosted a reception for 25 winners of the Jean Louis Gerondeau-Safran Prize.

Safran and the French Ministry of Education and Youth renew their commitment to the professional integration of young people

This framework agreement between Safran and the French Ministry of Education was initially signed in 2016 for a period of three years, with the purpose of enhancing the attractiveness of the aerospace sector and improving the professional integration of young people.

In presence of Jean-Michel Blanquer, Philippe Petitcolin, Ross McInnes et Stéphane Dubois

To achieve this objective, the cooperation will focus on several points:

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Safran “Women on the Move” at the Paris Air Show

Paris Air Show 2019: flying display program for June 21

12h45 – 12h52 : Swift S1

12h53 – 12h58 : Pipistrel 167 Alpha Electro

12h59 – 13h11 : Airbus Helicopter Tigre + NH Industries NH90 Caiman

13h12 – 13h17 : Pitts S-2B

13h17 – 13h22 : Mudry CAP 222

13h22 – 13h27 : Extra 300

13h27 – 13h32 : Extra 330 SC

13h33 – 13h41 : Airbus Helicopters Tigre

13h43 – 13h50 : NH Industries NH90 Caiman

13h51 – 13h59 : Dassault Aviation Falcon 8X

14h00 – 14h11 : Dassault Aviation Rafale

14h11 – 14h18 : Dassault MD-311 Flammant

14h20 – 14h27 : Airbus A330neo

A visa for the Paris Air Show!

An overview of the Show

During an exclusive tour of the Safran stand on Thursday, June 20th, the 18 students from Sorbonne University on "Passport to a Master's" scholarships learned more about the Group's businesses and technologies, and about jobs in the aerospace sector, from their Safran tutors and staff.

Safran accelerates the development of modeling tools for contact mechanics applications

Safran, LaMCoS and Mecalam will benefit from each other's solid expertise: LaMCoS will bring to the partnership fundamental scientific research, Safran will share its product and market expertise, and Mecalam will leverage this expertise to develop powerful, secure computation tools, ready for rapid implementation by Safran Transmission Systems design teams.

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Flylight, spotlight on the data interconnection systems revolution (e-Power talk)

Electrical harnesses are carrying more and more data to support ever more services in aircraft. On the flipside, all that data needs more wiring, and more wiring means more weight, more maintenance and other issues.

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