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Safran to partner GE on new engine for the Boeing 777X

Paris, July 10, 2014

GE officially announced today the participation of two Safran companies, Snecma and Techspace Aero, in the GE9X engine selected by Boeing as the exclusive powerplant on its new 777X long-range, twin-engine widebody jetliner.

Safran will have a total stake in this new engine program of slightly more than 11%.

CFM Statement: Hainan Airlines LEAP-1B/737 MAX 8 order

FARNBOROUGH, England — 16 July 2014 — CFM International is pleased by Hainan Airline's commitment to purchase 50 CFM-powered Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and look forward to finalizing this order, along with Boeing, in the very near future. The final order will be valued at $$1.3 billion U.S. at list price. Hainan Airlines has been a CFM customer since the airline began operations in 1993, when it took delivery of its first Boeing 737 aircraft. The LEAP-1B, which is the sole powerplant for the Boeing 737 MAX, began ground testing in June 2014 three days ahead of schedule.

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International Aviation and Space Salon

Russian Federation
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Paris Air Show

International Paris Air Show. Discover our website. 

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LAAD 2015

Latin America Defense and Security exhibition - Riocentro convention center - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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Aero India



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A world-renowned industrial concern, Safran supplies engines and equipment to all main producers of civil and military airplanes and helicopters. Our wide range of engines and systems is anchored in proven technological skills and expertise, and the use of innovative materials.

Safran's propulsion systems meet all the requirements of airplane and helicopter manufacturers: performance, reliability, cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness. To meet these demanding standards, Safran takes charge of all aspects of its engines and equipment, from research, design, development and testing, to production, sales and support.

“More electric” aircraft: a revolution in the air!

Safran M88
engines (powering the Rafale) are in service within the French Army

Airplane and helicopter turbine engines, as well as nacelles, are all centers of excellence at Safran. Our expertise in these fields makes Safran a preferred partner to today’s leading aircraft manufacturers.

Safran offers powerful, innovative and reliable propulsion solutions for virtually all segments of the civil aviation market, from regional and business jets to mainline commercial jets – solutions that meet customer requirements now and for the foreseeable future. Going forward, we continue to focus on reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs, and developing more environmentally-friendly solutions across the board.

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