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Ethics: a secure email address for reporting your concerns

Purpose of the ethics alert system

The purpose of the Safran ethics alert is to provide a secure, confidential and, if necessary, anonymous way for you to report situations or behaviors that could potentially contravene the principles of the Ethical Guidelines. It is available not only to Safran staff, but also to customers and suppliers. Safran is strengthening its internal alert system, in line with changes to legislation in various countries where we operate.


Paris Air Show: a major HR opportunity for Safran

Safran always has a strong presence at the Paris Air Show, especially via our stand and chalet. We're also involved in the Careers Plane, which offers a 3,000-sq.m. (32,000-sq.ft) space with a product exhibition zone and separate area where companies, engineering schools and other training providers in the sector can talk with young visitors.

Interview with Captain Clément, leader of the Patrouille de France

Paris Air Show 2019: flying display program for June 23

12h16 – 12h21 : Pipistrel 167 Alpha Electro

12h22 – 12h27 : Pitts S-2B

12h27 – 12h32 : Mudry CAP 222

12h32 – 12h37 : Extra 300

12h37 – 12h42 : Extra 330 SC

12h43 – 12h49 : Russian Helicopters ANSAT

12h55 – 13h05 : Stolp SA3000 Starduster

13h07 – 13h14 : Swift S1

13h16 – 13h24 : Airbus Helicopters Tigre

13h25 – 13h32 : NH Industries NH90 Caiman

13h33 – 13h43 : Supermarine Spitfire

13h45 – 13h53 : Morane-Saulnier MS.406

13h54 – 14h02 : Dassault Aviation Falcon 8X

The Rocketry Challenge at the 2019 Paris Air Show: Team France ranked 3rd

The Rocketry Challenge is an opportunity for middle-school and high-school youths to build a mini rocket that can fly, carry three raw eggs and return it to land intact. The rocket needs to climb to 253 meters (or as close to that height as possible) and stay in the air for 40 to 45 seconds.

Safran hosts representatives from partner schools and universities at the Paris Air Show

A key event in the international aerospace industry calendar, the Paris Air Show brings together professionals from around the world every two years to showcase their products and present their career opportunities. As one of the prominent exhibitors at the show, Safran takes this opportunity to host its numerous academic and other partners.

Paris Air Show 2019: flying display program for June 22

12h10 – 12h16 : Russian Helicopters ANSAT

12h22 – 12h32 : Stolp SA3000 Starduster

12h34 – 12h41 : Swift S1

12h42 – 12h55 : Airbus Helicopter Tigre + NH Industries NH90 Caiman

12h56 – 13h06 : Beech F33 Bonanza

13h07 – 13h12 : Pipistrel 167 Alpha Electro

13h13 – 13h21 : Caiman Airbus Helicopters Tigre

13h22 – 13h29 : NH Industries NH90 Caiman

13h30– 13h36 : Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon

13h37 – 13h43 : Hawker Hurricane

Winners of the Jean-Louis Gerondeau-Safran Prize hosted at the Paris Air Show

In the relaxed setting of the Safran hospitality chalet, Stéphane Cueille, Senior Executive Vice President R&T and Innovation, and Jacques Tamisier, Vice President of the École Polytechnique Foundation, hosted a reception for 25 winners of the Jean Louis Gerondeau-Safran Prize.

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