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Safran’s Board of Directors selects Olivier Andriès as future Chief Executive officer.

Paris, November 4, 2019

The Board of Directors of Safran has selected Olivier Andriès as successor to Philippe Petitcolin in the position of Chief Executive Officer with effect on January 1st, 2021, after a transition period of one year starting on January 1st, 2020.

As of that date (1/1/2020), Olivier Andriès will serve under Philippe Petitcolin's authority.

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Safran: Continued momentum in Q3 2019 - On track to meet 2019 outlook

Paris, October 31, 2019

Adjusted data

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Join the Live Chat about jobs in supply chain management

Planning, demand management, logistics, procurement, Internet of Things (IoT), data management — everyone has heard of these terms but what exactly do they involve? How do these jobs contribute to operational performance at Safran companies? And how are the required skills changing to keep pace?

To learn about how Safran is ramping up its supply chain management skills and how the various jobs and services involved are evolving, sign up and take part in the Live Chat on our Career Inspiration discussion forum.

Automated machine operator: fast-changing job at the heart of the factory of the future

At Safran, the factory of the future is already up and running, as a look at the state-of-the-art equipment installed at sites in recent years reveals – from Safran Helicopter's turbine blade production line in Bordes to the machining unit at Safran Landing Systems' Wheels & Brakes division in Molsheim. Four machines operate around the clock in Molsheim, under the watchful eye of teams working in 3 x 8 hr. shifts.

Safran and disabilities: working closely with outside agencies

All too often, young people with disabilities give up on their education for fear they won't realistically find a job, or their employer won't provide the accessibility and other support measures they need. Emilie Tejedor, 27, had exactly this kind of negative experience. Now, however, she's doing a work-study placement as a disabilities and diversity officer at Safran's CSR and Diversity department. "I wanted to study chemistry, but I was talked out of it because of my disability," she says.

“@ Safran, We love intrapreneurs!”

Innovating is about having not just good ideas, but a certain mindset too. And that's why Safran launched an innovation support program called "We love intrapreneurs" at the end of 2018. The idea is to encourage employees to identify new products and services that could generate value for the Group, and to help them fulfill their project within the company.

Paul Zientara, Safran Foundation for Music Prizewinner 2019

For this 12th edition, which took place on October 7 at the Hôtel des Invalides in Paris, the six candidates performed a set piece (The sixth movement—Chaconne chromatique—from György Ligeti's solo viola sonata) and one or two freely chosen pieces. The panel of judges, made up of five renowned violists, was won over by the performance by Paul Zientara, unanimously designated the competition's winner. In addition to the set piece, Paul performed Suite No.

Claire Franson, head of a characterization laboratory

Can you tell us a little more about your career path?

CF: I'm celebrating 20 years with Safran this year. I started off as a chemical engineering apprentice before being recruited as research engineer in the chemistry laboratory at Le Bouchet research center (CRB)*.

While continuing to work as a chemical materials characterization specialist, I was also made laboratory manager in 2004. I carried on doing both jobs for a few years before taking over as head of the CRB characterization laboratories in 2014.

#LoveMySafranJob: Unleash your potential and seize your opportunities!


Banniere Safran Stories Martin Hotte


1. How did you get to Safran, and how has your career developed over the years?

I joined C&D Aerospace, now part of Safran Cabin, in 2002, for a job as cabinet-maker. My career then developed as opportunities arose.

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