Investment strategy

Minority venture capital investments

With initial investment capital of €50 million for a period of three years, Safran Corporate Ventures will take minority stakes in startups with disruptive technologies and/or new business models. Its strategy is based on four founding principles:

Safran Corporate Ventures Robots
  • Investment in companies that are starting to take off, whose technologies are proven and generating initial sales.
  • Focus on companies in Europe and North America (but will eventually have global coverage).
  • Selective investments of a few million euros in each company.
  • Preference for investment alongside other corporate venture capital firms or capital investors (on an equal footing).

Safran Corporate Ventures will also promote commercial or development agreements between the startups in its portfolio and one or more of Safran's own entities.

Safran Corporate Ventures will focus in particular on startups in the Group's business sectors — aerospace, defense and security — but it will also work with companies in other industries if their technologies are applicable to Safran's businesses.

Priority areas of focus include amongst others:

  • INDUSTRY 4.0: non-destructive testing, augmented reality, Internet of Things for industry, robotics/cobotics, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity for industrial applications
  • Embedded components: critical onboard electronics, onboard software, connectivity, onboard energy, thermal management, hybrid electrical systems, cybersecurity
  • New materials, advanced materials: nanotechnologies, surface treatments, composites, ceramics, advanced manufacturing processes
  • New services, new business models: data analytics, on-demand aviation, new maintenance modes, co-creation, collaborative engineering
  • Connected Cabin & Passenger Experience: Connectivity, Comfort, In-Flight Entertainment
  • New markets, new platforms: civil drones, non-conventional vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, new transport modes
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