Chairman of the Board
Ross McInnes, Chairman of the Board

Ross McInnes

Expertise and experience

Born in 1954, Ross McInnes has dual French and Australian nationality and is a graduate of Oxford University. He started his career in 1977 with Kleinwort Benson bank, first in London and then in Rio de Janeiro. In 1980, he joined Continental Bank (now Bank of America), in which he held several positions in the corporate finance arm, in Chicago and then in Paris.

In 1989, Ross McInnes chose to move to large multinational corporations and became Chief Financial Officer of Ferruzzi Corporation of America. He was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Eridania Beghin-Say in 1991, then a member of the Board of Directors in 1999. The following year, he joined Thomson-CSF (now Thales) as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and assisted in the group's transformation, until 2005. He then moved to PPR (Pinault-Printemps-La Redoute, now Kering) as Senior Vice President for Finance and Strategy before joining the Supervisory Board of Générale de Santé in 2006. At the request of the Supervisory Board, he served as acting Chairman of the Management Board of Générale de Santé from March to June 2007. He subsequently held the position of Vice Chairman of Macquarie Capital Europe where he primarily specialized in infrastructure investments.

In March 2009, Ross McInnes joined Safran as Special Advisor to the Chairman of the Executive Board, before becoming Executive Vice President, Economic and Financial Affairs in June of that year. He was a member of the Executive Board of Safran between July 2009 and April 2011.
He served as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Finance between April 21, 2011 and April 23, 2015, when he was appointed Chairman of Safran's Board of Directors.

In February 2015, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development appointed Ross McInnes as Special Representative for economic relations with Australia.

In November 2016, he was appointed by the French Prime Minister as the Ambassador of the "Choose Paris Region" program created to attract foreign business to the Greater Paris Area and France in general.

In November 2016, based on the recommandation of the AFEP and MEDEF associations, he was appointed a member of the High Committee for Corporate Governance set up by the AFEP and MEDEF  to monitor the application of the AFEP-MEDEF Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies in France.

In February 2017, he joined SICOM, the general partner of Vivescia Industries, as a "qualified person".

In October 2017, Ross McInnes was appointed as Co-Chairman of the Committee set up by the French Prime Minister to oversee the transformation program of the French administration "Action Publique 2022".

In January 2018 he joined the IFRS Foundation – the entity that oversees the work of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), as a Trustee and a Director.

On May 18, 2018 he was appointed as a Director and as a member of the Audit Committee of Engie.

Ross McInnes has also been a Director (since February 1, 2013), Chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of the Nomination and Governance Committee of Eutelsat and a Director of Lectra since January 1, 2018.


Current offices

  • Safran :

• Chairman of the Board: Safran

  • Non-Group:

• Director:

  • Engie(1) (also a member of the Audit Committee)
  • Eutelsat Communications(1) (also Chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of the Nomination and Governance Committee)
  • Lectra(1)

• Trustee and Director: IFRS Foundation (United Kingdom)

(1) Listed company

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