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VS1410, VS1510, VS1610 - ENERTEC™video & data recorders/servers


VS1410, VS1510, VS1610 - Rugged and compact ENERTEC™ mission video & data recorders/servers

Through its VS1410, VS1510 and VS1610, Safran Data Systems offers a range of mission/avionics video and data recorders/servers, providing cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions for video and data acquisition, storage applications on board various military and commercial airborne platforms.

High definition video, processing and recording: VESA, HD-SDI, DVI

High capacity storage: to 2TB

Products qualified for harsh environments: DO-160, MIL-STD-704, -461, -810

DISCOVER VS1410, VS1510 & VS1610

+ 4,000
recorders deployed worldwide
ENERTEC TM: designed to minimize obsolescence risk and management

Designed to minimize obsolescence risk and management

The ENERTEC™ VS1410/VS1510/VS1610 airborne recorders/servers submit the uncompressed digitized motion imagery to either ISO MPEG2 or ITU H-264 video compression algorithm. Either ISO MPEG2 or ITU H-264 video compression algorithm is implemented in FPGA components, which provides considerable advantage over "commercially-available" ASIC's in terms of:

- system design flexibility, where specific operational requirements involve non-standard video formats, or video processing/distribution capability (scan conversion, text overlay, etc.),

- obsolescence management and product support, the average lifetime of "commercially-available" ASIC's hardly exceeding two-four years.

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ENERTECTM: high security through data encryption

High security through data encryption

The ENERTEC™ VS1410/VS1510/VS1610 airborne recorders/servers can be configured to handle the SC145C-series removable memory module (RMM) fitted with encrypted solid-state devices: - selection of "encryption enabled" or "encryption disabled" mode is operated on the ground, with the SC145C RMM connected to the host PC, using Safran Data Systems-supplied dedicated utilities - all data stored on the RMM is encrypted using a strong AES-256 XTS encryption algorithm - the encryption key is provided via Ethernet and stored in volatile memory. Access to the RMM requires prior upload of encryption key after power up.

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Rafale Solo Display

Qualified for harsh environment

The ENERTEC™ VS1410/VS1510/VS1610 airborne recorders/servers provide efficient, reliable, and affordable resources for field/mission data acquisition, processing, storage, exploitation and dissemination, for on board operation manned or unmanned ground, air and sea vehicles. These products and solutions are submitted to extensive validation and formal qualification testing, per standard test methods (DO-160, MIL-STD-810).

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File server capability

The physical Ethernet interface port of the ENERTEC™ VS1410/VS1510/VS1610 airborne recorders/servers can be configured and used for providing NFS (Network File System) and CIFS (Common Internet File System) Server access to a dedicated partition of the Removable Memory Media (SC1450 RMM), including for mission data upload.

The VS1410/VS1510/VS1610 File Servers are compatible with both Windows and Linux client Operating Systems. The file systems are used for upload to and download from the dedicated File Server partition. From the initial configuration, the number of file server partitions and the respective partition sizes can be adjusted/modified by the User, directly on the cartridge (SC1450 RMM) in PC/Windows environment.

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Falcon 8X

Data interface flexibility

The ENERTEC™ VS1410/VS1510/VS1610 airborne video/data recorders/servers perform airborne acquisition and recording of video/audio/data sources, and provide for in-flight video replay. The VS1410, VS1510 and VS1610 recorders are packaged as a single stand-alone Line Replaceable Unit. It provides significant interfacing flexibility to best meet most platform-specific system requirements, while offering some growth potential in terms of interface provisions to support the future operational capabilities.

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VS1410 - VS1510 - VS1610 ENERTEC Dataviz Safran Data Systems

Ground replay and exploitation in standard PC/Windows environment

Post-flight data download and replay can be operated by direct connection of the SC1450 removable memory module (RMM) to the eSATA or USB 3.0 port of the PC host platform, using the Safran Data Systems-supplied DS2120-14 RMM interface module. When operating with IRIG 106 Chapter 10 recording format, dedicated utilities are required. Safran Data Systems can propose a Ground Replay Software package that allows easy installation and user-friendly operation in the PC/Windows® environment, for video, audio & data playback and display, and for basic RMM management.

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A responsive, international customer service

Safran Data Systems has a network of partners throughout the world. With a local presence, their teams are technically qualified and trained on our products. Thanks to their close collaboration with Safran Data Systems experts, customers can benefit from advice at any time. Safran Data Systems also offers training and technical support services.


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Testing the embedeed control software of a ComTrack telemetry antenna

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