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LEGION, VISION, ORION, IRIS - Tri-band S/X/Ka Satellite Tracking Ground Systems

Satellite Tracking Antennas

Satellite Tracking Antennas

Safran Data Systems

Antenna size (m) 2.4 to 13.5

3-band alignment (°) < 0.015

Tracking Accuracy (° rms) > 0.034

Safran Data Systems' Satellite Tracking Ground Stations are recognized, worldwide, as reference solutions by new space actors, space agencies, commercial imagery and defense communities. They are the most advanced and reliable solutions for performing satellite operations.

Satellite Tracking Antennas

Safran Data Systems

Antenna size (m) 2.4 to 13.5

3-band alignment (°) < 0.015

Tracking Accuracy (° rms) > 0.034

Designed-for-Ka solutions, with a unique patented tri-band S/X/Ka concentric feed

Perfect match with standard CORTEX series baseband, a reference in the space community

High performance, reliability and long-term service availability provided by 100% Safran Data Systems' components

Safran Data Systems, a key player in the space market

+ 250
tracking ground stations deployed over the world
All-in-one compact S/X/Ka 4m-class commodity antenna for Small Sats & Constellations

LEGION, all-in-one S/X/Ka 4m-class commodity antenna for Small Sats & Constellations

The LEGION 400 addresses new space challenges of more connectivity, faster delivery, overall better value & flexibility. The LEGION 400 antenna system meets both the large volume requirements of Communication Satellite Constellations as well as the versatility required by Earth Observation satellite tracking antennas. The LEGION 400 makes this possible with its unique patented tri-band S/X/Ka concentric feed  combined with a lean & ultra accurate pedestal. The LEGION 400 is also capable of supporting LEOP & Launch Vehicles by employing a state-of-the-art S-band Single Channel Monopulse autotrack feed.

With the LEGION 400, Safran Data Systems offers its customers complete flexibility in building up a scalable ground segment, with - a single vendor solution for the complete system, including antenna, radome, RF, baseband, station Monitoring & Control and scheduler.


Turnkey S/X/Ka medium-size antennas for Earth Observation

VISION, Turnkey S/X/Ka medium-size antennas for Earth Observation

Safran’s VISION Series is the ultimate medium size ground station for commercial or defense satellite imagery.  Due to its unique e-Antenna architecture embedding the NuRoN suite (Software radio), doors are opened to a dramatic simplification of  infrastructure & operation with virtualized data and M&C.

Single Channel Monopulse autotrack is an available option in any band, however, the VISION is reliable using program track only thanks to its highly accurate pedestal. VISION is an affordable, true Ka-band antenna available on the market now. 

As with all Safran Data Systems antennas, the VISION benefits from  the unique S/X/Ka concentric patented feed, offering a true continuity of operations for satellite generations to come..


Turnkey satellite tracking systems ready for existing and next generation satellites S/X/Ka-band: ORION Series

ORION, large S/X/Ka full motion ground systems dedicated to Space Agencies

The ORION flagship antenna systems are designed to match and exceed the most demanding space agency requirements. The ORION-Series is defined as a complete package including simultaneous dual polarization, single channel monopulse tracking and close-loop testing in all bands. Safran’s service ensures a smooth deployment, easy start up operation and a long service life time. From 7.3 m to 13.5 m, the ORION-Series benefits from Safran’s expertise in radio frequency, mechanical systems, servo systems, signal processing and software development. The unique tri-band S/X/Ka feed, patented by Safran, and associated with Safran’s in-house pedestal and related equipment, allows operational continuity with existing satellites and is field proven for the upcoming generation (Ka-band).

Mobile satellite tracking systems : IRIS-Series

IRIS, mobile satellite tracking systems

Safran’s IRIS series systems are designed for mobile satellite operations. Whatever the desired form factor (transit cases, AMP container, trailer, skid…), the expected mobility aspects (land towing, backpack pedestrian, commercial airlines…) and requested performance (G/T & EIRP), there is a fast deployable IRIS system that will exceed your expectations for field missions.

A responsive, international customer service

Safran Data Systems has a network of partners throughout the world. With a local presence, their teams are technically qualified and trained on our products. Thanks to their close collaboration with Safran Data Systems experts, customers can benefit from advice at any time. Safran Data Systems also offers training and technical support services.

Access to the tri-band source S/X/Ka of the ORION1300 antenna

Safran Data Systems, leader in instrumentation for testing, telemetry and communications for space

For over 65 years, Safran Data Systems has been providing high-technology equipment and solutions for testing, telemetry, mission data management and space communications. With a high-skilled international team, we contribute to the success of our customers by offering innovation, best performance, reliability and sustainability.

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