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Tactical Grade Inertial Sensors

Inertial sensors are designed to offer the highest accuracy. Available in LCC20 package these products are ideal for high performance tactical applications.

Designed to address advanced, tactical grade inertial applications, the MS1000 and MS1000L are two families of MEMS accelerometer sensors offering the high performances requested for inertial application. MS1000 for High-Performance unleash unbeatable performances with regard to the long-term bias and scale factor repeatability, in-run bias and vibration rectification error (VRE). The MS1000 is available in a vast set of g-ranges +/-2, 5, 10, 16, 30 and 100g. The MS1016 is Free-of-export control, the 16g range offers an un-comparable trade-off between performance, measurement range and export control status.

MS1000L for the best compromise between cost, performance and reliability. Free-of-export and offers, it is available in +/-2, 5, 10, 30, 50 and 100g versions. The product is low power, fully calibrated, robust up to 6000 g and extremely stable.

The inertial MS1000 and MS1000L accelerometers series share the same ceramic leadless hermetic package LCC20 as legacy MS9000 series, hence preserving the same form factor.

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