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Supplier performance management (SPM)


Supplier Performance Management (SPM) and improvement

Safran Engineering Services supports manufacturers in their production ramp-ups by helping its customers improve and secure their supply chain. The company trains and provides talents to manage supplier’s quality and to improve their performance.

A strong team of Supplier Performance Managers, Quality Managers & Industrialization Coordinators

A SPM Academy to train future managers on supplier monitoring and improvement processes

A pool of talents supporting suppliers in the digitization of their processes based on 4.0 standards.

More than 200
suppliers followed up worldwide
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Supplier Performance Management (SPM) and Improvement

Safran Engineering Services provides a wide range of services to help its customers optimize and secure their supply chain. 

By building close and trust-based relationships with our customers’ suppliers, we ensure the proper application of supply chain monitoring processes, and we manage activities such as supply chain diagnosis, management and improvement of supplier performance (OTD / OQD ), or the implementation of catch-up plans using appropriate tools such as 6Sigma, 8D, and others.


One Safran standards deployment project

Supplier Improvement Managers Academy

Safran Engineering Services Supplier Academy provides supplier monitoring experience based on a 3 years training, certified « One SAFRAN », on quality monitoring, industrial coordination and performance management.

Our academy provides agile, multi-skilled and certified Supplier Performance & Improvement Managers to our customers, who contribute efficiently to the performance optimization and cost reduction of the entire supply chain.

Virtual reality room - Simulation of maintenance and accessibility operations

Factory 4.0 and Process Digitization Support

Safran Engineering Services supports its customers in the deployment of the 4.0 factory standards, using a customized approach in order to identify the optimum potential of the 4.0 technologies and define efficient plans to achieve the objectives set. It also offers an opportunity to standardize, digitize and connect all or part of the industrial processes, for better operations and more efficient data analysis.


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