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Satellite & Communication Situational Awareness : WeTrack™ and LYNKS


Satellite & Communication Situational Awareness: WeTrack™ and LYNKS

Wetrack : stay aware 24/7, 365 days a year

Satellite & Communication Situational Awareness : WeTrack™ and LYNKS

Safran Data Systems

Years of experience in modulation and coding 30

Global coverage for space Awareness 24/7/365

Accuracy of geostationary orbits 200 meters

Safran Data Systems offers to its customers the ability to have a precise knowledge of the satellites orbiting, as well as an accurate picture of communications in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Satellite & Communication Situational Awareness : WeTrack™ and LYNKS

Safran Data Systems

Years of experience in modulation and coding 30

Global coverage for space Awareness 24/7/365

Accuracy of geostationary orbits 200 meters

Radio frequency measurement: a patented technology

Passive ranging determination

A strong experience in modulation and coding for all signals passing through space


WeTrack™, a unique space awareness solution providing a GEO Satellite Orbits 24/7/365 Data Service

WeTrack™ is a unique service developed, owned and operated by Safran Data Systems. Based on a global network of autonomous radio frequency (RF) sensors, get accurate orbital positions at a high data refresh rate for sharper decision making at all orbit regimes, thanks to our global coverage. With automated sensors for detection and tracking, you can stay aware 24/7, 365 days a year Using patented technology for the passive reception of satellite emissions, WeTrack™ solution covers all orbits with multiple networks deployed in Europe, the United States, and Asia. WeTrack™ uses a secure web portal to access information in real time.

Advantages of the Wetrack™ solution :

  • Determination of the satellite radio frequency signature and its characteristics
  • Continuity of satellite tracking
  • Periodic updating of ephemeris with high accuracy



WeTrack™ : Sharpen your space awareness

WeTrack: Sharpen your space awareness : 02 minutes and 35 seconds

LYNKS, a solution providing alertness on carrier events swift coordination of processing

The LYNKS products range offered by Safran Data Systems allows the quality of service of satellite communications to be monitored by checking the spectral occupation of transponders on board satellites, the conformity of signal characteristics and the possible presence of interference. LYNKS allows to detect, characterize and follow the evolution of signals received by satellites in cooperative or non-cooperative mode and also to locate with precision the sources of these signals. In continuous monitoring mode, LYNKS allows the operator to automatically manage events (alarm, procedure, etc.) in case of detection of any change in characteristics, appearance of interference, etc.

Lynks range:

  • LYNKS Monitor is fully automated spectrum awareness and monitoring system which provides carrier characteristics from scratch and monitor the spectrum situation constantly in order to warn and alert in case of new or unexpected events.
  • LYNKS Locator locates the origin of a signal appearing on a satellite communication channel. Typically, this process is used to mitigate interference or locate any transmitters on communication satellites.
  • LYNKS Dmx is an all-in-one solution for VSAT MF-TDMA networks monitoring, deep analysis and user-wise bursts clustering.

Advantages of the LYNKS solution:

  • Integrated and scalable product range, from spectral monitoring to geolocation
  • Cooperative and non-cooperative mode
  • Comprehensiveness and reliability of analysis
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A responsive and international customer service

Safran Data Systems has a network of partners throughout the world. With a local presence, their teams are technically qualified and trained on our products. Thanks to their close collaboration with Safran Data Systems experts, customers can benefit from advice at any time. Safran Data Systems also offers training and technical support services. Read our brochure to learn more about this opportunity.

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Safran Data Systems, leader in instrumentation for testing, telemetry and communications for space

For over 65 years, Safran Data Systems has been providing high-technology equipment and solutions for testing, telemetry, mission data management and space communications. With a high-skilled international team, we contribute to the success of our customers by offering innovation, best performance, reliability and sustainability.

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