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BETA CAE Systems software distribution

In France, Safran Engineering Services distributes software developed by the Greek firm BETA CAE Systems.

Best-in-class CAE software systems from pre-processing to simulation reports and resource management

High level of interoperability with other software, including optimizers

Responsiveness of software development for meeting customers’ requests

BETA CAE Systems software

BETA CAE Systems software covers all mechanical simulation, from CAD to calculation reports: pre- and post-processing, calculations and resource management.

As part of its business activities, Safran Engineering Services offers services based on training, hotline, benchmarking and applying methodologies.


licenses worldwide

ANSA - CAE pre-processing software for complete model build-up

Ansa is a multidisciplinary CAE pre-processor providing all the necessary functionalities in a single environment for full-model build up, from CAD to ready-to-run data sets.

Its wide range of features is perfectly adapted to users' needs, making it a popular tool.


- Efficient data management

- Fast and high-quality modeling of complex geometries

- Model set-up process that can be highly automated

- Common interface for many solvers, interoperable

- Unique capability to create a common base model for different disciplines

- Better quality models in less time

- Quick to learn


META – High performance multi-disciplinary CAE post-processor

A multidisciplinary post-processor that meets the needs of various CAE disciplines.


It owes its success to its performance, its many features and its capabilities for interaction between animations, plots, videos, reports and other post-processing objects.


- Single tool for 2D and 3D post-processing across all disciplines

- Fully automated post-processing, including reports

- High performance reading and display of results

- Low memory footprint

- Special predefined toolbars for each discipline

- High-level responsiveness in updating CAE software versions

- Synergy with ANSA

- Direct coupling with optimizers

- Quick to learn


The EPILYSIS solver is the latest addition to the BETA CAE Systems software suite. EPILYSIS is the Greek word for solution, and this solver provides solutions to a wide range of issues in disciplines such as Structural, NVH, and Optimization.


-Lowers development costs through less physical experiments

- Allows to test several design options for a minimal cost

- Completes pre- and post-processing efficiently and intuitively

- Maximizes ROI in the BETA software suite

- Simplifies complex processes through assistant tools integrated in the pre-processor environment


SPDRM – CAE workflow, data and resource management

A simple and intuitive solution to capture, deploy, manage and improve CAE processes by integrating associated resources, tools and data. 


- Process consistency over different levels

- Standardization and harmonization of procedures and operations

- Traceability of data and results

- Reduces redundant data

- Monitors process progress and manages quality

- Increases productivity

- Processes can be repeated

- Quality improvement and standardization of deliverables

- Increases confidence in CAE and reduction of sizing costs

- Greater ability to provide high-quality results quickly

KOMVOS – Interactive console for browsing, visualizing and handling all CAE data

KOMVOS - SDM Console is an innovative simulation data management platform for interactive browsing, visualization and handling of all data related to CAE analysis, from PDM extractions to simulation runs, key results and reports. 


- User-friendly and intuitive interface

- No expertise needed

- Powerful model browsing and visualization

- Direct communication with any data management back-end

- Fully customizable

- Creation of statistics and quick reports

- View simulation results


RETOMO – key to 3D-modeling from CT-data of physical objects

RETOMO enables correlation of CT with CAD and CAE data by applying high-end methods to read, process, reduce, reconstruct and visualize CT images and output them as tessellated data. 


- Overall process consistency, at all levels

- Process progress interaction and monitoring

- Highly precise techniques and inspection methods

- Effective process’ quality management, especially when working with huge datasets

- Productivity increase, thanks to the automatic assignment of tasks, as soon as their input becomes available

- Repeatability of processes, even when using updated or different datasets and software tools

- Maximization of reuse, for both data and best practices

- Maximization of capability in delivering fast, results of high quality

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