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Software Development

Safran Engineering Services specifies, develops, documents, tests, and maintains in operational condition different type of industrial softwares. The company has a long-term expertise and covers all types of software development: embedded, applicative and IT/Web software.

DO-178, DO-330, DO-200  Safran Engineering Services the highest software standard requirements

Expertise in Defence Confidential Project

Programming languages:  C, C++, Scade, MatLab, Simulink

applicative & IT web software developed in 6 years
Brenda, Boeing 787 designer

Embedded Software Development

Safran Engineering Services as a long long-term expertise in low-level and agile software development for conception in view of DO-178 certification on many different aeronautic programs (A320, A350, B787, etc.) with V&V and SCRUM expertise in offshore.


The company meet DO-178 software requirement of the Avionics Software Dependability Standard.


Engineers at Safran Electronics and Defense

Applicative Software Development

Safran Engineering Services is expert in the maintenance of existing application developed for defense domain (ground mission preparation for airplane, helicopter
or drone). The company also develops its own non-destructive control software’s to evaluate properties of a component using imaging analysis provided by radiographic, thermographic or tomographic methods.


Safran Engineering Services also respects DO-330 / DO-200 applicative software standard requirements. 


Jetlife, the newsletters mobile app

IT/Web software

Safran Engineering Services develops different kinds of applications used to analyze data for manufacture or services domain, help end-user in derogation workflow, or simply to have a web portal

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