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Smart Control Systems for time critical applications

A smart control system is used to manage, regulate, command or control the operations of other systems, using what are known as control loops. Captronic Systems offers a wide range of smart control systems strategies like PID and MPC for different applications in Aerospace, Defense and Radio Frequency domains.

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RF Control System

RF Interlock and Protection Control System

The Captronic Systems RF Interlock and Protection System (I&PS) plays an important role in ensuring damage protection to the high-power Radio Frequency systems. High Power Radio Frequency (RF) systems include High Power RF devices, various bias supplies and cooling systems. 

The Interlock and Protection System basically protects the special purpose amplifier within the RF system. The major functions of this smart control system are: Channel configuration, continuous monitoring of signals and data logging for user selected channels.  

Running a close loop control at the rate of 10 msec ensuring emergency shutdown therefore protecting all the other RF subsystems. It has additional features like SCADA, Alarm Alert to the operator in case of abnormal situations. 

Captronic Systems Tejas Aircraft

Actuator Test & Control System

This smart control system is built to control simultaneously three systems: Fan Variable Geometry Actuation System, Compressor Variable Geometry Actuation System and Fuel Control Test System. The system also acquires data from various sensors such as pressure and flow measurements. 

This solution can perform two tests, namely, System Calibration and Cyclic test. System calibration is a closed loop test. The actuator system and the fuel control system are controlled by the software PID (A Proportional–Integral–Derivative) controllers which takes user requirement and provides feedback values as the inputs. 

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Drive by Wire Control System for Sarath tank

A Drive by Wire (DBW) is a smart control system that is used to control and monitor the UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) from a base vehicle through wired communication links and/or wireless links. Before having the vehicle managed by Radio Frequency (RF) communication, it is first controlled through wired communication. 

Captronic Systems has successfully implemented Drive by Wire Module to control and monitor a remote Sarath vehicle from base Sarath vehicle up to a specified speed by controlling different actuators and associated Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

Captronic Systems SAF2023 0420200

High Speed Image Processing Module

Jitter is the undesired fluctuation in the pointing of a laser beam due to environment or structural interactions which reduces the intensity of the beam illuminating the target. It is critical to mitigate such fluctuations and drifts in laser beam alignment. 

Our smart control system captures the image of LASER spot from the target side & processes its position on the NI (National Instrument) FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) Module. After processing the image, the control system generates the corresponding analog output as per the setpoint to correct the position of the LASER spot in XY Planes. 

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