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Safran Sensing Technologies Industrial Accelerometer


Safran Sensing Technologies Industrial Accelerometer

High accuracy sensor solutions used in a range of industrial applications

Test & Measurement

Test and measurement applications are spread out in various sectors – automotive, railways, defense and aerospace. Depending on the application development team will use different types of sensors: force and load cells, potentiometers, torque, pressure or vibration sensors, inclinometers or accelerometers, based on piezoelectric or MEMS acceleration sensor technology.

When it comes to an aircraft, the following parameters will be tested – an aircraft fatigue (compression or tension load), pressure of liquids and gases in equipment, flutter on the control surfaces (ailerons, elevators, rudders), turbomachine performances. An aircraft modal and structural testing will be performed as well. When it comes to helicopters, gearbox, transmission and all rotating systems and HUMS will be monitored.

When it comes to high speed trains, brakes, axle springs, wheel bearings, condition of rail tracks and the level of vibration applied on boogie will be continuously monitored.

To transport passengers safely and efficiently, automotive industry relies on the test data delivered by torque, humidity, position, clutch, pressure sensors, as well as accelerometers – embedded or packaged “plug and play” ones.

Depending on the nature of tests, the key sensor’s performances will be either the capability of operation in high temperatures up to + 150 (+200°C), or high burst rate, or large bandwidth with a capability to measure from DC up to several KHz, or very small resolution. Thus the common features for all types of sensors utilized for test and measurement are :

  • durability and performance in harsh environments
  • robustness
  • high over-range protection
  • quality guaranteed by manufacturer’s exigent specifications.


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