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S20-G Auxiliary Power Unit

The S20-G Auxiliary Power Unit (GPA) was developed to supply the electrical power in the 40 kW range, required for anti-air vehicles, and to be easily adapted to different types of specifications.

With its excellent power-weight-size ratio, it provides all of the electrical power for the carrier vehicle, especially for radar and guidance for the weapon system.

With over 200 units in deployment, the reliability of the S20-G system was proven during its use by the Korean armed forces (BiHo) in the most severe operating conditions.


Ground Applications

The electrical power supply for the vital functions of modern weapon systems, as installed on combat and / or observation and command vehicles, requires lightweight facilities that are quick to startup under extreme environmental conditions. In addition to an excellent power-weight ratio, these requirements make Safran Power Units auxiliary power systems an ideal power source for such applications.

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