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RBPU - Fly-by-wire rudder and brake pedal systems

The artificial feel feedback and the mechanical coupling of both rudder and brake pedals allow the pilot and copilot to precisely control the aircraft yaw, braking and ground steering, all while improving their situation awareness.

Adaptive artificial feel with damping

Autopilot backdrive function and mechanical coupling between the pilot and first officer station

Electrically or manually operated stature adjustment capability to improve pilot comfort

Two men working on a RBPU

Improved situational awareness and better coordination of the flight crew

In manual flight mode, our system translates the pilot’s inputs into  electrical signals to the Flight Control Computer (FCC), while providing tactile feedback to the flight crew. In autopilot mode, the rudder pedals can be back driven to give feedback to the pilots regarding the FCC input to the aircraft flight control actuation system.

RBPU under the floor in 3D

Fly-by-wire anti-torque/wheel brake pedals for helicopters

The anti-torque pedals allow precise control of a rotorcraft yaw and heading. The pedal assembly provides input to the rotorcraft fly-by-wire system while in manual mode or tactile feedback while in autopilot mode to reduce the pilot’s workload. Thanks to the system artificial feel, the pilot improves its piloting sensations and gets a better situation awareness of the aircraft behavior.

Compact RBPU in 3D

Above or under the floor installation

  • Adjustment of pedals position to the pilot stature
  • Autopilot rudder input & force feedback to the pilot
  • 2 independent pedals for differential braking
  • New compact design allowing volume & weight reduction

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