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Troop parachutes for mass assault

As a world-class industrial player in military parachutes, Safran Electronics & Defense designs and produces a complete range of round parachutes for mass airdrops at low-altitude from tactical transport aircrafts, in optimal safety.

Setting standards for troop parachutes for more than 70 years


EPC parachute

EPC, Advanced Combat Parachute System

Developed in accordance with the new tactical assault parachute specifications, the EPC provides paratroopers with a system integrating state-of-the-art technology and a multi-conical 110m² canopy, allowing mass drops at low altitude with high load capacity. Safety is enhanced thanks to the controlled landing capacity.

  • Height above ground level: 80 m (262 ft)
  • Total weight (with main and reserve assemblies): 22.9 kg
  • Maximum gross weight: 180 kg
  • Number of user countries: 9
  • Compatible with all aircrafts including A400M and balloons

EPC has become the NATO standard for troop parachutes

Rigging and packing of an EPC*

696 / 697 PARACHUTES

The 696 (non-steerable version) and 697 (steerable version) tactical assault parachutes were qualified by the French Army for troop airdrops at low altitude. They reduce constraints caused by strong winds and ensure a more comfortable landing at maximum load. These parachutes interface all weapon sheaths and equipment bags currently in service. Moreover, their easy-to-adjust harness fit all morphologies to provide more confort.

  • Height above ground level: 122 m (400 ft)
  • Total weight (with main and reserve canopies): 20.3 kg
  • Maximum gross weight: 130 kg
  • Number of user countries: 17

EPC parachute


The SAVIAC MK5 (non-steerable version) and the SAVIAC MK6 (steerable version) troop parachutes combine low rates of descent, high load capacity and reduced oscillation in flight for a softer and safer landing platform. They include an adjustable harness and ensure the easy and quick release of the canopy.

  • Height above ground level: Training: 366 m (1,200 ft)  / Operational: 122 m (400 ft)
  • Total weight of assembly: 13 kg
  • Maximum gross weight: 182 kg
  • Number of user countries: 14
  • Exist in high speed version, suitable for dropping from high-speed aircrafts

Range brochure


Download Product brochure (PDF, 3.29MB)
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