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Project Management Office (PMO)

From planning to managing economic performance, Safran Engineering Services PMO will offer the best project management in terms of method, cost, quality and time.

Increased project technical and financial performance

 Definition of reliable and efficient performance indicators (OTD, EVM)

Improvement of project management standards and methods

Safran Engineering Services carries out cross-functional activities related to project management through PMO operations, tools & processes and project managers, ensuring cost control, planning deliverables, coordinating all stakeholders, pooling and managing skills and offering continuous service.

ppeople working on the PMO mission at Safran Engineering Services
Engineering Design Review

Operational PMO

Safran Engineering Services Operational PMO offer includes economic and financial management of programs and trades: analysis, reporting, and animation of reviews; financial performance management of programs and projects, as well as technical functions. The company can also handle the planning of program deliverables for any type of technical, industrial and support activity, the Production of project dashboards (KPI) and ensure capacities and loads match up.

Safran Engineering Services is able to set up of a pool of PMO skills to help our customers manage the financial performance of programs, evaluate associated risks and deliverables, and ensure that capacities and load match up. The company can put in place a work unit process, organized in a dedicated platform to share best practices.

QRQC After sales service

Transversal Project PMO

Safran Engineering Service supports its clients, evolving in the transportation and aerospace sectors,  on cross-functional projects such as:

  • R&T projects
  • Reach & low carbon projects
  • Company restructuring projects (sale or buyout)
  • New production unit projects
  • Transformation projects: digitalization, change management, production processes

Transversal project PMOs provide support to coordinate the various project stakeholders, follow-up on deliverables and implement project indicators. They also handle financial and change management related to the deployment of new tools and technologies.


One Safran standards deployment project

Process & Tools PMO

Safran Engineering Services supports its customers in the deployment of project management tools and processes, such as oSmoz used within the Safran Group. This service includes: 

  • Benchmark and tool advisement
  • Tools and process improvement according to customer needs or company standards
  • Tools and process deployment and maintenance 
  • Performance monitoring (KPI)

Our PMO teams work closely with Information Systems departments. They also provide training on those tools, as well as support hard skills development to achieve excellence in project management. Safran Engineering Services can provide face-to-face training or an E-learning solution, according to customer needs.

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