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Predictive Maintenance

The power of data to improve airlines' operational performance

From day one, reduce flight delays and cancellations caused by ATA32 systems

Better plan maintenance tasks with clear recommendations from Safran Landing Systems

Facilitate troubleshooting and reduce No Fault Found rate on ATA32 equipment


One core objective: prevent unscheduled events

With Predictive Maintenance for Airbus A350, Safran Landing Systems monitors the health of ATA32 systems in real time.

Imminent failures are identified in due time by Safran experts to prevent unscheduled events. The risk of operation interruptions is reduced and the aircraft dispatch reliability is maximized.


Rely on our experts to monitor your fleet

Our dedicated Fleet Manager monitors the condition of ATA32 equipment of our customers’ fleet of Airbus A350.

Whenever an anomaly is confirmed, an Alert Tracker is sent to the airline. Proposed maintenance actions range from component replacement to sensor rigging. Our experts make sure trends are back to normal upon completion of corrective tasks.

Thanks to Safran Electronics & Defense’s expertise in aircraft data recording systems, implementing predictive maintenance on your Airbus A350s is one click away.

Maintenance is no longer curative, but predictive

120 +
A350 aircraft contracted
100 %
Full scope of ATA32 monitored in real time
90 %
faults confirmed in shop

Discover Predictive Maintenance in 2min

Predictive Maintenance by Safran Landing Systems : 01 minute and 56 seconds

Predictive Maintenance is part of Landing Life ® support and service offer

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