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PPS®X00, Hall Effect Thruster

PPSX00 Safran Spacecraft Propulsion


Safran Spacecraft Propulsion

Wide power range: 200 to 1,000 W

The latest member of Safran Spacecraft Propulsion' Hall Effect plasma Thrusters, the PPS®X00 was designed to address the specific requirements inherent in the “New Space” market environment. With a lifespan exceeding 5,000 hours and very high specific impulse, the PPS®X00 is an extremely versatile thruster, making it ideal for all types of applications in its core market: low Earth orbit (LEO).


Safran Spacecraft Propulsion

Wide power range: 200 to 1,000 W

Designed for constellations

Design to cost approach

High total impulse & reliability level

Orbital welding

Safran Spacecraft Propulsion, a major player in plasma propulsion

Safran Spacecraft Propulsion, a subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense, is the European leader in plasma propulsion. Safran Spacecraft Propulsion offers a complete range of electric thrusters and propulsion subsystems for more sustainable satellites and spacecraft. Plasma propulsion has become the go-to solution for satellite positioning, orbital transfer and stationkeeping, because it offers significant weight savings over conventional chemical propulsion. Bombarding atoms from the fuel (usually xenon) with electrons creates a plasma ejected at high speed to provide propulsion with very high specific impulse (propulsive efficiency).

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