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Pilot and crew oxygen systems


Pilot and crew oxygen systems

Resulting from an integrated system approach, Safran Aerosystems pilot and crew oxygen solutions include oxygen masks, oxygen cylinders and protective breathing equipment. They combine reliability and optimized maintenance costs.

For over 50 years, our continuous innovation protects crews from the effects of smoke and hypoxia

Best-in-class 40-Family mask with the single-knob regulator and the SmartMike™, noise cancellation microphone

First convertible mask, MLD20, a full-face mask with an easy removal of detachable goggles

Quick-donning oxygen masks

MLD40 EROS crew oxygen mask

The EROS® mask, a global reference

A pioneer since the invention of the first quick-donning mask more than 50 years ago, Safran Aerosystems has continuously improved its masks in terms of safety, communication, comfort and ergonomics. The latest generation of EROS® masks, equipped with a single selector regulator and an integrated SmartMike™ noise-canceling microphone, is available in various versions (oro-nasal, full-face, full-face convertible mask with bayonets) to meet the various needs of pilots. In addition, the MF10, the first full-face mask with integrated goggles for complete protection against hypoxia and smoke, and the MDL20 convertible mask, the first full-face mask with detachable goggles, also continue to ensure pilot protection

More than 200,000
EROS® masks in service

A wide range of oxygen cylinders

Portable Oxygen Cylinder

50 years of continuous innovation

The Safran Aerosystems range of portable oxygen cylinders is constantly improving in terms of weight, flow rate and user interface. It includes gunshot-resistant steel cylinders for military applications, easy-to-use composite cylinders for commercial aviation, historical references (5600-5500-9700 series) and lighter cylinders (3552-3553, 3559 SuperiOx® series). The Safran Aerosystems oxygen cylinder and regulator offer also includes a wide variety of materials, regulator configurations, safety valves and pressure control devices. The latest generation of composite cylinders incorporates an indicator valve to remotely and reliably check the valve's position.

Oxygen cylinder SmartOx (TM)

The SmartOx™ portable oxygen cylinder

The Safran Aerosystems SmartOxTM portable oxygen cylinder provides significant flow rate gains, reducing the number of cylinders required by up to 50%, and providing weight and space gains in the aircraft. Based on a proven and reliable pneumatic and mechanical solution, it ensures a reduced cost of ownership. Three flow rate settings are available for crew mobility and first aid requirements. The user interface is the same as that of the SuperiOx® cylinder.

Protective breathing equipment for crews

Breathing protection equipment for crew

Protective breathing equipment against hypoxia, fire and toxic smoke

Designed for commercial aircraft, PBE (Protective Breathing Equipment) consists of a loose-fitting, double-layer hood with a neck seal and an integral life support pack located at the back of the hood. This contains a solid-state chemical source of oxygen and a chemical absorber to control the level of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Powered by the chemical oxygen generator, the crew breathes in a closed loop. Lightweight, the PBE is designed to provide a minimum duration of 15 minutes of breathing time.

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