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Optical Systems for Space

Gaia telescope mirror

High performance Optics for Space

Safran Reosc

Substrates : Glass, SiC, Beryllium

Surface types : Plano freeform spher. aspher.

Optics dimensions : Up to 1.5m

From single components to complete optical subsystems for space, Safran Reosc designs and supplies a wide range of high-performance optics for various micro-satellites, with scientific, defense and remote sensing applications.

High performance Optics for Space

Safran Reosc

Substrates : Glass, SiC, Beryllium

Surface types : Plano freeform spher. aspher.

Optics dimensions : Up to 1.5m

Ultra lightweight, large glass or aspheric and SiC mirrors

Filters, dichroic plates and focal plane optics

Optical ground support equipment (OGSE)

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Cleaning of an ultra-light space mirror for the CNES scientific satellite MERLIN (measurement of methane level in the atmosphere)

State-of -the-art systems, involved in major reknown programs

Capitalizing on its renowned expertise in high-precision opto-mechanical design, fabrication and assembly for space optical systems, Safran Reosc is involved in major programs worldwide. To meet the specific requirements of space science and Earth Observation (EO), Safran Reosc's  technologies and solutions combine high levels of quality, precision and accuracy. Safran Reosc's products are designed with state-of-the-art analysis and optimization tools such as Code V, Nastran and TopCad.

Safran Reosc's optical polishing workshop is able to process any refractive optical material and mirror substrates (glass, Silicon Carbide - SiC, beryllium) in all sizes up to 4 meters. High-precision plano, freeform, spherical and aspheric surfaces are produced by Computer Controlled Polishing and Ion Beam Figuring techniques. With its 15 evaporators, the coating lab is able to develop and deposit any coating on components up to 1.5-meter diameter and 2D structure for advanced EO applications. Proven lens centering and mounting, and mirror attachment techniques are used to align and integrate the components before testing the systems under extensive environmental tests for space qualification.

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Large optics
< 1.5
 Spectral separator (weather satellite)

Prestigious references, across the globe

  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) mirrors: ALADIN (ESA), ALSAT-2 (Algeria), ASTROTERRA (Spot6 & Spot7 – France), FORMOSAT-2 (Taiwan), GAIA (ESA), GOCI – COMS (Korea), IASI Corner Cubes (France), KazEOSat-1 (Kazakhstan), METEOSAT 3rd generation scan mirrors (ESA), Multispectral Imager (Japan), NIRSPEC (ESA), PERUSAT (Peru), SPIRALE (France), SSOT (Chile), THEOS (Thailand), VNREDSat-1 (Vietnam)

  • Glass mirrors: COROT (France), GOMOS (ESA), HELIOS 1 & HELIOS 2 (France), HIPPARCOS (ESA), Hyperspectral Imager (Japan), IRS P5 CARTOSAT (India), ISO (ESA), ISR 1C – 1D (India), KOMPSAT-2, KOMPSAT-7 (Korea), MERLIN (France - Germany), METEOSAT 1st generation F1 – F7 (ESA), METEOSAT 3rd generation FCI & IRS (ESA), ORFEUS (Germany), SEOSAT (Spain), SOLAR B (Japan), SPOT1 to SPOT 5 (France)

  • Filters: SENTINEL 4 (ESA), LI Filter (ESA), PLEAIDES (France), SGLI (Japan), CBERS (Brazil – China), KOMPSAT (Korea), METEOSAT 3rd generation IR filters (ESA)

  • Lens & focal planes: ​​​​​​​OCEANSAT 1 & 2 (India), METEOSAT 2nd generation (ESA), HRS (France), METEOSAT 3rd generation FCI SSA (ESA)

Safran Reosc, a unique set of technologies for Space & Astronomy Optics

Safran Reosc: a unique set of technologies for Space and Astronomy Optics : 02 minutes and 12 seconds

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Control of a reference mirror for an optical test bench

Safran Reosc, a world leader in high performance optomechanical systems

Safran Reosc designs innovative instruments dedicated to Astronomy, Space, Defense and Laser Industry. Our optomechanical components (mirror, lenses assemblies) meet the most demanding requirements of international scientific programs for world-wide customers (ESO, DGA, IABG, OHB, Airbus, Thales) and for the main world Space Agencies (ESA, KARI, JAXA, ISRO, NSPO).

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