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High performance optical systems for astronomy


Optical Systems for Astronomy

Vue d'artiste de l'ELT

High performance optical systems for astronomy

Safran Reosc

Aspheric active mirror assembly : 1 to 8m

Segmented mirrors : 1 to 2m

Robotic telescopes : 1 to 3m

A longstanding partner of the international astronomical community, Safran Reosc designs and manufactures a complete range of high performance optics and equipment for astronomy.

High performance optical systems for astronomy

Safran Reosc

Aspheric active mirror assembly : 1 to 8m

Segmented mirrors : 1 to 2m

Robotic telescopes : 1 to 3m

  • Aspheric active mirror assembly

  • Segmented mirrors
  • Large field correctors, filters and instrument assembly
  • Large thin shell for adaptive mirrors
  • Robotic telescopes

  • Advanced coatings

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Artist’s impression of the E-ELT

Optical systems for astronomy

Drawing on its engineering and technical expertise, Safran Reosc continues to push back the boundaries of possibility to meet the many technological challenges raised by some of the most ambitious projects. Founded in 1937 by Henri Chrétien and Charles Fabry, Safran Reosc has gained significant experience in large and aspheric optics with precision polishing and testing as well as in design, fabrication, assembly and test of robotic telescopes and instruments.

As a participant in major international scientific programs, Safran Reosc manufactured the giant 8.2m Very Large Telescope (VLT) and Gemini active primary mirrors polished well below diffraction limit (down to 8.5nm RMS figure for VLT n° 4), the forty-two1.8 m off-axis segments for the Gran Telescopio Canarias telescope and the seven prototype segments for the primary mirror of the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT).

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Large mirrors
< 8
A new “Factory 4.0” to make primary mirror segments for the Extremely Large Telescope

Prestigious references, across the globe

  • Extremely Large Telescope: 931 segments for 39m primary mirror, 4m convex secondary mirror segments, 4m concave tertiary mirror segments, thin glass petals for adaptive quaternary mirror.

  • Gran Telescopio Canarias 11m telescope: 36 + 6 spare parts 1.8m hexagonal off-axis segments, 1.2m beryllium secondary mirror.

  • AURA GEMINI 8.2m telescope optics: two 2.2m primary mirror, 1.1m lightweight glass secondary mirror.

  • Very Large Telescope 8.2m optics: four 8.2m primary mirror, four 1.1m beryllium secondary mirror, four Coudé-train, four cat's-eye telescopes, primary mirror active support system (150 actuators), 1.1m thin shell for secondary adaptive mirror.

  • And also : ESO 3.6m telescope optics assembly, SOFIA airborne telescope optics, 2.5m robotic observatory, Pic du Midi telescope optics, Nishi Harima telescope optics, Keck Outrigger telescope optics, US Navy 1.8m lightweight mirror assemblies, 1.8m aluminum mirrors, Korean Astronomical Institute 1.8m optics, IOE-Chengdu 1.8m optics, various 1.5m class telescopes, LAMOST prototype segments, large field corrector, large thin plates for AO mirrors. 

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Safran Reosc, a unique set of technologies for Space & Astronomy Optics

Safran Reosc: a unique set of technologies for Space and Astronomy Optics : 02 minutes and 12 seconds

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About us

Control of a reference mirror for an optical test bench

Safran Reosc, a world leader in high performance optomechanical systems

Safran Reosc designs innovative instruments dedicated to Astronomy, Space, Defense and Laser Industry. Our optomechanical components (mirror, lenses assemblies) meet the most demanding requirements of international scientific programs for world-wide customers (ESO, DGA, IABG, OHB, Airbus, Thales) and for the main world Space Agencies (ESA, KARI, JAXA, ISRO, NSPO).

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