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NacelleLife™ services support customers for the entire life of their nacelle, from the purchase of a new aircraft and through each maintenance task performed until the aircraft’s resale or operational retirement.

NacelleLife™ : a flexible offer covering a wide range of nacelle programs.

NacelleLife™ services are underpinned by a worldwide resource network.

NacelleLife™ services support customers for the entire life of their nacelle.

Maintenance on wing

NacelleLife™: a flexible offer covering a wide range of programs

Safran Nacelles™ constantly strives to improve its service offer to provide customers with the best solutions, tailored not only to an airframe and an engine type, but to each airline profile as well. Safran Nacelles keeps its customers flying, whenever, wherever.

Key figures

services included within the NacelleLife offer


repair centers dedicated to the repair of nacelles and their components


airlines supported


Contact the Safran Nacelles Customer Support Center (CSC)

NacelleLife™ services are backed by a worldwide resource network assuring proximity to its customers for enhanced reactivity to their needs.

Shipping to Airbus of the A320neo propulsion system

Pre-entry into service

Safran Nacelles provides service solutions upon entry-into-service of an aircraft in a fleet so that airlines receive their aircraft with complete peace of mind, knowing it is ready to go. Safran Nacelles offers: OEM expertize, guaranteed availability rates for operational continuity, cost-of-ownership improvement, up-front-investment cash flow optimization.

Maintenance coaching

Safran Nacelles' technical expertise means that it can train its customers' personnel to the best standards, so that they are familiar with the products, their specificities and their technical documentation, according to individual needs. The Safran Nacelles offer is structured around three levels: General Familiarization, Academic and Advanced levels.

Asset management

Safran Nacelles customers have continuous access to dedicated or shared product stocks in strategic locations – main operating bases or operating platforms. They also benefit from replacement solutions, at any time, should their aircraft be grounded (AOG situation). Parts provided by Safran Nacelles, new or in good operating condition, are guaranteed to be available within four hours.

Customer support team

Safran Nacelles' world-class customer support team assists its customers on a daily basis in making the best and most cost-effective use of their products. Three to six months prior to an aircraft's entry-into-service, Safran Nacelles' customer support team meet with the new customer to provide assistance with initial provisioning, ground support equipment, technical documentation and training. The goal: A smooth integration, with equipment ready to use and airline staff appropriately trained.

Spares management

From its warehouses in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America, Safran Nacelles holds new spare parts available – from the smallest component to complete nacelle systems – for its customers. Safran Nacelles proposes asset management services to its customers, adapted to their operational management. The Safran Nacelles distribution services are customized according to the individual needs of its customers.

Villaroche - A320neo

Entry into service

To support entry into service, Safran Nacelles offers a series of tools for its customers to facilitate communication and operations. Embracing digital technology, Safran Nacelles offers an online access to technical documentation for order management. Following services are proposed to customers: quicker ordering process for spare parts, convenient, 24/7 access through a secured website, an onsite Safran Nacelles engineer to provide OEM expertise, close to operations.

General terms agreement

A320neo operators can benefit from pre-agreed conditions to accelerate part exchanges in the case of urgent maintenance operations. Quality assurance and full data confidentiality are guaranteed. An operational and commercial framework is set-up for standard diagnostic services so that the best reactivity can be delivered for an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) event.

Dedicated representative on site

To ensure a smooth entry into service, a dedicated FSR (Field Service Representative) can be deployed to Safran Nacelles customer bases in order to offer reactive technical expertise and provide level 1 assistance.

Online technical documentation

Up-to-date and extensive technical documentation is available through our NacelleLife Portal website. The access is fast and documents are displayed in the web browser. For frequent users, Safran Nacelles also provides downloadable versions.

Free NacelleLife Portal account

Safran Nacelles' interactive customer portal can allow users to create their online account and to instantly access the e-services offered. Accessible only by Safran Nacelles customers, the portal enables users to check catalogues and to manage warranty claims.

Safran Nacelles team working on A380 nacelle

Fleet Management & Operations

Safran Nacelles' after-sales service brings the added value of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) optimized solutions by ensuring full compliance to the initial certification and design performance requirement as the original nacelle designer. Safran Nacelles offers: optimized nacelles retrofit investments, effortless spares and vendor management (risk transfer to OEM).

Operational engineering recommendations

Safran Nacelles has gathered detailed worldwide fleet operational data over the years. Advanced fleet behavior analyses are recorded to develop and deliver appropriate repair and preventive maintenance solutions. With such data, specific technical maintenance advice can be tailored to fit customer requirements and usage profile. The customer benefits from Safran Nacelles' OEM technical expertise with regards to maintenance task recommendations. Fleet reliability and its operational availability is optimized by applying Safran Nacelles' recommendations such as customized Service Bulletin (SB) analyses.

Proactive spares management and replenishment

Safran Nacelles proposes asset management services to its customers, adapted to their operational management. Safran Nacelles places a large range of components at the disposal of its customers, in the form of a shared pool access or dedicated stock. Customers therefore have continuous access to dedicated or shared product stock in strategic locations – main operating bases or operating platforms – along with increased reactivity should their aircraft be grounded. Parts provided by Safran Nacelles, new or repaired, are guaranteed to be available within four hours.

Operational continuity

The customer engineering support team's aim is to provide OEM quality technical support in a timely manner. Safran Nacelles offers continued airworthiness solutions for its customers, such as the provision of fly-on authorizations, temporary or permanent repairs, and specific replacement instructions through dedicated Repair Approval Sheets. Technical publications are continuously updated and made available on the Safran Nacelles NacelleLife Portal: Service Bulletins, Component Maintenance Manuals.

Repair and Overhaul Line for Nacelles

Scheduled maintenance activities

Safran Nacelles provides a set of solutions to assist its customers during scheduled maintenance activities: an interactive technical support, prompt assistance and engineering services, a prompt local intervention with OEM expertise, a minimized maintenance burden and operational disruption risk, customer's full control over maintenance budget.

Hardware review

During an airframe's scheduled maintenance checks, Safran Nacelles' onsite intervention teams are able to assess the condition of the aircraft's nacelles. Drawing upon data collected on the fleet, specific control points are checked on-wing and a findings report is issued to formalize the items and associated recommended actions.


Following the hardware review, Safran Nacelles develops specific maintenance and repair programs adapted to the maturity levels of the material. Safran Nacelles deploys innovative diagnostic tools, enabling the analysis results to be directly obtained without damage to the composite materials.

Field Service Representative global network

Safran Nacelles representatives assist customers in the field, providing the first level of technical support. The customized on-site technical support services and the standard exchange solutions proposed by Safran Nacelles, defined with each customer according to their needs, ensures that airline companies can confront any unexpected event which their fleet may be exposed to.

Ordering platforms

Safran Nacelles offers its customers two distinctive channels to place and track orders depending on their specific operations: the SPEC 2000 protocol or the AeroXchange. The Safran Nacelles Aircraft on Ground (AOG) service relies on its international distribution center and repair workshop network to guarantee an optimal responsiveness for all of its customers.

Repair and Overhaul Line for Nacelles

Unscheduled maintenance activities

In the event of an AOG (Aircraft On Ground), Safran Nacelles is ready to assist its operators in the shortest lead-times in order to: minimize operational disruptions, guarantee worldwide stock access, transfer the risks to Safran Nacelles

24/7 Customer support: logistics/fly-on authorizations

Safran Nacelles' technical and logistic teams are constantly on duty, ready to help in the event of an aircraft being grounded (AOG). Safran Nacelles offers continued airworthiness solutions to customers such as the provision of fly-on authorizations, temporary or permanent repairs and specific replacement instructions covered through dedicated Repair Approval Sheets.

Short term lease

Subject to availability, rental items are placed in strategic locations to deal with Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations. Safran Nacelles standard exchange solutions enable operational availability of its customers' fleets at all times The OEM warranty accompanies the major pre-owned parts and components from the Safran Nacelles repair station approved network. This equipment allows Safran Nacelles to propose logistic solutions at a lower cost.

Worldwide MRO network & on-site interventions

All of the Safran Nacelles maintenance and repair solutions are made possible through its worldwide presence: from its Pont-Audemer center of excellence in France, to its Safran Nacelles Services Americas in the USA, to AMES (50/50 joint venture between AFI KLM E&M and Safran Nacelles) in the United Arab Emirates, and to its Safran Nacelles Services Suzhou in China. As a Part-145 organization, Safran Nacelles mechanical engineers perform critical corrective maintenance. Typical tasks cover inspections, repairs, service bulletin implementations, and on-the-job training for composite and metallic parts.

PRESTO, an advanced non-destructive testing service

Designed by Safran Nacelles, PRESTO is a non-destructive testing (NDT) service used to assess thermal damage on composite structures. It is part of the NacelleLife™ offer for unscheduled nacelle maintenance. In developing PRESTO – which relies on the latest infrared spectrometry techniques – our engineers performed extensive tests on flightworthy components to assess and validate the structures residual service life. The analysis of thousands of data points resulted in the precise knowledge of structural behavior when composite elements are exposed to thermal stress over time. The PRESTO NDT service is carried out by qualified personnel using cutting-edge technology.

Tarmac Aerosave,maintenance on wing

Optimized maintenance activities

Safran Nacelles offers services relating to maintenance operations and cost management. Innovation and anticipation are at the heart of the solution to offer each operator a suitable range of services: guaranteed availability of serviceable spares, proven OEM lifecycle maintenance cost reduction, anticipated and mitigated off-wing repairs, worldwide fleet behavior analysis, customized recommendations.

OEM repair solutions

Safran Nacelles Customer Services Engineering team aims to provide OEM quality technical support to customers in a timely manner while maintaining the overall performance of the nacelle components. Safran Nacelles after-sales service brings an added value to every optimized solution, while ensuring perfect compliance with performance requirements and initial certification.

Jetlife, the newsletters mobile app

JetLife: mobile app to manage Service Bulletins on nacelles within a fleet

JetLife is a mobile application that provides the latest Service Bulletins (SB) for an airline's entire nacelle fleet. As a result, a customer subscribing to JetLife is informed in real-time of what modifications or inspections are required on which nacelles in its fleet. This mobile application, available 24/7, is customized by the airline to its Safran Nacelles-produced nacelles that equip the Airbus A380, A320neo, and the A330neo. JetLife is a collaborative platform where the customer can indicate which modifications it has made, aircraft-by-aircraft. Safran Nacelles can follow the nacelle fleet and provide support, advice and recommendations for maximizing operations.

Preventive maintenance plan

Dismount operation scheduling enables maintenance to be anticipated, and personalized solutions to be offered. During airframe scheduled maintenance checks, technicians check specific control points on-wing. A findings report is issued to formalize the items. The Safran Nacelles experts have produced reference databases to offer their customers specific technical advice and preventive maintenance programs adapted to their operating conditions. Their recommendations optimize operational availability of the customer’s fleet.

Customized Smart-ID cards

Thanks to its extensive reference database, Safran Nacelles has access to a comprehensive overview of global fleet behavior. Airlines can benefit from this data to evaluate their fleet status compared to the global fleet average.

Maintenance on wing

Return and transition

Safran Nacelles enables effortless aircraft return to lessors by providing a package of efficient services to their customer operators: proof of historical maintenance records and traceability, controlled costs, retained asset value.

Transition support

Safran Nacelles provides timely assistance during aircraft technical assessment, prior to its effective transfer. Proof of historical maintenance records such as repair documents, invoices on Safran Nacelles' secured web platform, NacelleLife Portal.

Planned phase out

Ahead of an aircraft's withdrawal from operations, the operator must ensure its compliance with re-delivery conditions. To facilitate its customers’ work, Safran Nacelles developed a specific inspection performed during scheduled maintenance checks. Good working operations monitoring of the products is guaranteed though our OEM expertise.

Nacelle A320 neo (Safran Nacelles)

Capability List

Discover the Safran Nacelles capability list below:

Wide body aircraft

  • A380 - GP7200:  fan cowl, fan exhaust cowl, thrust reverser, nozzle, plug, ETRAS
  • A380 - Trent 900: air inlet, fan cowl, fan exhaust cowl, thrust reverser, nozzle, plug, ETRAS
  • A340 -500/-600 Trent 500: air inlet, fan cowl, thrust reverser, nozzle, plug, APF
  • A330ceo - Trent 700: thrust reverser
  • A340 -200/300 - CFM56-5C: thrust reverser
  • B777 - GE90: thrust reverser
  • B777 - PW4000: thrust reverser

Single aisle aircraft

  • A319 - A320 - A321ceo - CFM56-5A & 5B: air inlet, fan cowl, thrust reverser
  • A320neo – LEAP-1A: air inlet, fan cowl, thrust reverser, nozzle, plug, TRAS, EBU
  • A318 – PW6000: air inlet, fan cowl, thrust reverser, TRAS, engine mounts
  • C919 - LEAP-1C (coming soon): thrust reverser, nozzle, plug

Regional aircraft

  • ERJ170/175 – CF34-8E: air inlet, fan cowl, thrust reverser, aft core cowl, TRAS
  • ERJ135/145 – RR3007A: air inlet, thrust reverser
  • Superjet 100 – SaM146: air inlet, fan cowl, thrust reverser, MFN, TRAS, EBU

Business jets

  • Global Express – BR710: thrust reverser, TRAS
  • Gulfstream V – BR710: thrust reverser, TRAS
  • G550 – BR710: thrust reverser, TRAS
  • Global 5000/6000 – BR710: thrust reverser, TRAS
  • Challenger 300/350 – HTF7000: thrust reverser, TRAS
  • G280 – HTF7000: thrust reverser, TRAS
  • Legacy 450/500 - HTF7000: thrust reverser, TRAS
  • Global 7500 – GE Passport™: thrust reverser, TRAS
  • F7X – PWC307: air inlet, central fan cowl, lateral fan cowl, thrust reverser, inner aft body, TRAS
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