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Military oxygen systems


Military oxygen systems

Safran Aerosystems military oxygen systems are the result of proven experience as a system integrator. They equip military aircraft around the world, ensuring the safety of users in the event of depressurization or the release of smoke.

On-board oxygen systems for military aircraft

Military full face oxygen mask

The 358 full-face mask for a higher level of protection

The 358 full-face mask provides military transport aircraft with an increased level of safety and performance. Equipped with integrated goggles, the 358 mask can be quickly put on and protects the user against fire, smoke and hypoxia.

Military Oxygen Mask

Reliable and effective masks to maximize safety on board military helicopters

The first Safran Aerosystems chemical-biological mask sold to the U.S. Department of Defense, the JSAM is a unique chemical-biological protection system that provides helicopter pilots with greater comfort and fewer physiological restrictions. The MD40M mask, the military version of the EROS® mask, is also a reliable solution for helicopter pilots.

MBU-12 military Oxygen mask

The MBU-12/P mask for latest generation aircraft

The Safran Aerosystems MBU-12/P is a pilot oxygen mask suitable for latest-generation aircraft. Reliable and tested in the field, this high-performance mask offers increased head mobility, better downward vision and greater stability during G maneuvers.

MA-1 with Firefighting smoke Mask

A wide range of portable military oxygen systems

Qualified for all military aircraft, the MA-1 portable oxygen cylinder with integrated regulator designed by Safran Aerosystems is a self-contained breathing device that provides oxygen to the pilot and that is compatible with standard masks, such as the 358, MBU or fire-fighting and anti-smoke masks. To provide maximum flexibility, Safran Aerosystems has also designed an individual pilot oxygen system that includes an on-demand mask, such as the EROS® mask, and a lightweight composite Kevlar cylinder with our GCD oxygen source.

Ground oxygen solutions for non-aeronautical applications

O2PAK Oxygen Systems solution on ground

O2PAK®, the safest ground oxygen solution in case of emergency

O2PAK® is a portable version of the Safran Aerosystems chemical oxygen generator designed to be activated within seconds of an injury. It safely delivers 99% pure oxygen in all positions, including in harsh environments. Its lightness, robustness and ease of use in emergency situations enable combat medics to administer oxygen while treating trauma patients in CASEVAC (casualty evacuation) or MEDEVAC (medical evacuation) scenarios.

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