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Production support and industrialization

Safran Engineering Services chooses the best technologies and processes to manufacture products. The company is also responsible for inventory control, quality management and control, material flow, cost analysis, procurement and supply chain management.

Cross competencies and full knowledge of industrial processes

Product’s life V cycle managed from first calculation until MRO and in service support

Strong knowledge of the production systems. 

Our Manufacturing Engineering Offer:

Safran Engineering Services supports the aeronautical industry ramp-up in a wide scope and manages processes to ensure manufacturability of products, production facility construction and installation, and production line modification and optimization.


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engineers supporting our customers
Explanation of how an A320 nose landing gear

Industrial support

Safran Engineering Services defines the production workflows (internal and external), helps choose suppliers and manages configurations of intermediate parts.


With our Supplier Performance Management teams, we follow and manage the operational performance, quality and logistics of a panel of suppliers from the selection phase to the "series" phase. We also drive action plans at suppliers’ premises in case of reoccurring performance deviations, until it returns to an acceptable level of performance.


Safran Engineering Services defines and leads the implementation of improvement plans among suppliers, allowing them to continuously increase their level of maturity.


Sticking - Cockpit production island

Production support

Safran Engineering Services manages processes to help its customers in the development of their products’ processing and analysis of product / process modifications through industrialization management, industrial validation files (quality files, validation programs, GPVI animation) and authorizations (Protocol and Levels).


Quality Control


Safran Engineering Services offers all the tools to fit the client’s quality expectations. 

Operational Quality

  • Activity monitoring
  • Deployment of processes / continuous improvement
  • Collection and analysis of indicators
  • Risk control
  • Corrective actions

LEAN Manufacturing

  • Production flow organization
  • Elimination of waste
  • Treatment of non-conformities

Quality Management

  • Audits: process / product / standards
  • Quality assurance plans
  • Non quality cost analysis
  • Quality documentation support

Control & Validation

  • Plan of control
  • Industrial validation certification
  • Non conformity / derogations

Les équipes travaillant sur le programme Mascot : La marque technique, la supply chain et la gestion

Supply Chain Management

Safran Engineering Services helps you effectively manage your supply chain through the audit of suppliers, supply chain management recommendations and maintenance in operational condition.


Supplier Development

  • Make or buy analysis
  • Supplier assessment
  • Supplier quality assurance
  • Supplier monitoring (qualification / capacity / quality)


Supply Chain Management

  • Sourcing near shore / off shore
  • Costing - objective cost analysis
  • Investment management (CoC, consultations, costs, ...)
  • Management of tooling realization


Maintenance in Operational Condition

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Subject mastery
  • MRO

Bench HTRAS, Systems and Equipment Division

Transversal production

Safran Engineering Services supports its customers in all its transversal production projects in the domains of:

Metallic / Composite

  • Development / transformation / assembly processes 
  • Technical documentation (materials / processes / articles)
  • Qualification (materials / processes / articles)
  • Certification of metallic and composite structures
  • Technical audits of materials and processes
  • R&T materials and processes

Project Management

  • Materials & processes databases, admissible materials
  • Reach deployment

Tests and Expertise

  • Behavior / damage laws
  • Development of test data processing tools
  • Expertise of failures and articles

Customer support

Client support

Customer Support Center Engine

  • Analysis and investigation of the request
  • Piloting and monitoring of the question
  • Repair proposal

Statistics, Certification and SDF

  • Functional / dysfunctional analysis, FMEA, failure trees
  • Standards, regulations, certification process
  • Analysis of operating events, collection and analysis
  • Statistical control of processes (production): control charts, optimization,

exploratory analysis methods, statistical tests, probabilistic & numerical tools

Integrated Logistics Support

  • Document management
  • Technical translations
  • Configuration management
  • Integration of technical standards
  • Maintainability study

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