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Manufacturing 4.0 Services


Manufacturing 4.0 Services: Non Destructive Testing, Augmented / Virtual Reality

Safran Engineering Services accompanies its customers in the modernization of their manufacturing plants, by mastering all new analysis techniques requiring image processing, data science, additive manufacturing, virtual and augmented reality, cobots or digital continuity.

Improved productivity: automation, ergonomics, prototypes

Improved reliability: reduced human factor, health monitoring

From diagnostic to solution implementation and follow-up

blades have been checked with TRITON (our NDT tool)
Visual inspection of the Cirrus seat on the final assembly line

NDT solutions

With Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Safran Engineering Services wishes to help its customers enhance their component management by reducing the reject rate, improving the automatic fault detection and saving costs. Thus, our engineers can support the client through anomaly detection (by thermography, tomography or radiography), image acquisition and reconstruction (by scan, image recuperation and 3D volume) and data collection (through Smartview). Safran Engineering Services has a few projects based on our database Smartview, especially TRITON, IRIS,  PixUr GEN, Mosaïque, CartoNum GEN.

Virtual reality

Augmented/Virtual Reality

With its strong mastery of a variety of fields, from industrial support to mechanical design, Safran Engineering Services offers customers assistance tailored to the emerging needs of new virtual reality technology.


There are various virtual reality applications: 

  • Building design
  • Equipment simulation (simulating and manipulating digital models of industrial equipment)
  • Training (guided learning)
  • Communication media (introduction to the company, the operations and a visit of facilities)
  • Accessibility and maintainability studies for the installation of aeronautical electrical systems
  • Ergonomics studies for the installation of furniture in the passenger cabin and the use of kinematics.

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