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IRIS, optical ground station for space laser communications

Safran Data Systems OGS IRIS cut

Optical ground station IRIS

Safran Data Systems

Data rate Up to 10 Gbps/second

Link Bi-directional

IRIS optical ground stations are designed for all types of applications (LEO/GEO/Probes): Earth observation, High Throughput bi-directional telecommunications, Feeder link or Deep Space. IRIS systems benefit of the Cortex Lasercom, world reference optical modem supporting any standards SDA, CCSDS, HPE.

Optical ground station IRIS

Safran Data Systems

Data rate Up to 10 Gbps/second

Link Bi-directional


Earth Observation, High Throughput bi-directional Telecommunication, Feeder link or Deep Space 


Turnkey solution compatible with SDA, CCSDS and HPE standards 


10 to 100 times higher thanks to Cortex Lasercom 

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Safran Data Systems OGS IRIS

IRIS optical ground station

Designed and developed entirely in-house, Safran Data Systems' IRIS optical ground station is equipped with state-of-the-art telescopes and optronic components for transmitting and receiving laser communications. 

It opens up new opportunities for all players in the space market, thanks to higher, more secure space-to-ground data rates. 

Multi-mission and multi-application (Earth Observation, SatCom), the IRIS optical ground station guarantees compatibility with a wide range of standards. 

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Safran Data Systems Cortex Lasercom

Unrivalled data rates, ever higher

IRIS optical ground stations also integrate the Cortex Lasercom modem. This cutting-edge solution surpasses all expectations by offering communication speeds 10 to 100 times higher than traditional radio frequency communications. With its processing and decoding capabilities, the Cortex Lasercom can achieve a record bit rate of 10 Gigabits per second for Earth-to-space optical communications, a level unequalled anywhere in the world. 

The Cortex Lasercom will be used in a number of cooperative projects between Safran, Airbus and CNES, and will equip future optical ground stations marketed by Safran. These OGS will allow communication with all future satellites that will carry laser communication capabilities with the Earth. Two demonstrations on Airbus and CNES programs took place in 2023, a world first: LASIN on the CO3D constellation of imaging satellites, and TELEO on the future BADR-8 telecommunications satellite  

Finally, a Cortex Lasercom HPE (High Photon Efficiency) model is also available for Deep Space applications. 

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